Mouse Vol. 1: Stealing Temptation

by Patrick King

For twenty generations, the Muon family has harbored a dark secret. It began more than 400 years ago, when the first master thief bearing the name Mouse appeared in feudal Japan. In the 1600s, it was a member of this very wealthy family who decided to enter the field of artful thievery.

Today, Sorata Muon continues that line, the latest of four centuries of thieves. During the day, he's known as Chu, a college student and high school art teacher. However, most of his time is spent thinking of new things to steal, and stylish ways in which to take them.

And then, there's also the matter of his three companions.

Mei, the cover model for the first volume, is the eldest of the trio, followed by Yayoi and Hazuki. These respectively blonde, redhead, and green-haired ladies are each sworn to protect Mouse and serve him in any possible capacity.

Their devotion to him can get a little awkward at times, for it's more like blind flaming love than mere dedication, but without them, there'd be a serious drop in the fanservice department.

Without fanservice, there really wouldn't be any point in watching Mouse. Not because the show is bad, mind you, but because the fanservice is that significant. But then, potential viewers should get a hint about the show's content by the cover of the box. And the pictures on the back. And the title of the first volume.

What we end up with is a cute show that earns some genuine laughs, but is more about the fanservice than anything else. If that's good for you, then this show is worth it. If heaving bosoms aren't your thing, then perhaps you should move along.

Each episode lasts about 15 minutes, so it's a good show to sort of snack on when you have a spare moment. It's not really the kind of series that requires a good memory to recall what's going on - viewers are safe to just sit down and watch without fear of getting lost in the plot. The stories are easy to follow, but they're also quite implausible. However, this is a formula that worked well for Lupin III, and while this is more sexual and less violent than the classic manga series, it's nonetheless evocative of Monkey Punch's claim to fame. It's okay if the main character always wins, so long as viewers enjoy seeing him do so.

Of course, Mouse's overflowing abundance of fanservice is to be expected from a series created by Satoru Akahori. He's one of the kinky minds behind the very entertaining Sorcerer Hunters series of manga and anime. While it's undeniably entertaining, Mouse hasn't yet attained the level of quality as far as the storyline is concerned as that bondage-filled fantasy comedy series.

The girls and guys are all very good looking, and so the fanservice (for those of us who like it) never really gets old. From cosplaying to simple sexual innuendo, this is a series that teases more than anything, which actually keeps the imagery from degenerating into just plain hentai. If possible, the panty shots and bouncy breasts are as tasteful as such things can be, if they can be tasteful. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that this show could be much, much worse. The various costumes are actually pretty cute.

Mouse's animation is surprisingly impressive, with more attention given to the girls in motion than other characters or actions. Character designs are solid and offer more variety than a mere difference in cup size for the women.

This isn't a deep, thinking otaku's anime series, but it is very fun to watch. It offers a healthy dose of attractive characters doing entertaining things and having a good time while they're at it. There aren't any extras to note, but then the price point is a bit lower than most anime DVDs.

Mouse is a rare kind of show that delivers exactly what it promises, and while people looking for more might be disappointed, those of us who understand the significance of a beautiful woman in tight red leather gracing the cover should be quite satisfied with it.

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  • Mouse Vol. 1: Stealing Temptation

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    bilingual DVD / 90 min / 6 eps
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    Anime Works / Satoru Akahori
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