Miami Guns Vol. 1

by Adam Arnold

Look out, Miami! Yao and Lu are out in force, and they won't take any flack from petty criminals hell-bent on upsetting the sunny disposition of Florida's other primo vacation spot. These two lovely ladies are just two of the Miami Guns--private citizens hired to play cop to protect the mean streets--but these two chicks alone pack more punch than the entire department put together.

Lu Amano is the daughter of Chief Clarence, the Afro-wearing white guy who somehow used to be black (seriously, see episode 2), and she is a straight-laced, by the books kind of girl that will take a bullet if it means protecting an innocent life. On the flip side is Yao Sakurakouji, the loud-mouthed and obnoxious rich kid that just has to be in the spotlight and have all the cool cars and guns. In the very first episode, we have a hostage situation at a local bank where a madman has strapped a bomb to his chest and is holding a baby ransom. How this managed to happen with every person in the bank packing heat, I don't know, but it is crazy antics like this that you just have to let slide.

It becomes quickly apparent that the creators of Miami Guns wanted to make something different from the usual comedy series out there. So they took the basic plot of You're Under Arrest, crossed it with Burn Up W, threw in some Excel Saga-style spoofing in for good measures, and set the entire thing in the city that Miami Vice made famous. Can you guess which one yet?

Anyway, the entire series premise gets thrown for a loop in the second episode. How can that possibly happen after just one episode? Two words: clips episode.

Yes, "All About the Miami Guns!" is the origin story that never was. All the bad choices that studio executives tend to make concerning which characters to off and which characters to recast are all brought to the surface here. We even get to see how Yao and Lu were first team up and why Yao joined the force in the first place. Car chases and blowing stuff up does have a lot to do with it.

Episode three has the girls going undercover in a Miami Girls' School to break up a crime ring that is secretly training girls to be militia soldiers. But episode four, "Miami Mountain Pass GO GO GO", takes the prize for most off-the-wall episode on the volume. Any show that has the guts to spoof not only Initial D, but also Speed Racer AND James Bond in one episode has my vote for funniest series of the year. There is only one thing that bugs me. I don't remember Miami ever having any mountains. Did I somehow miss that section of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City?

Seriously though, Miami doesn't have any mountains. Heck, it doesn't even have an old west portion like episode five's trailer so proudly touts in its Trigun spoof, but that is just half the fun of this show...the implausibility! AN Entertainment has more than outdone themselves with this release. Nicole Gibson and Suzanne Willard are perfect as Yao and Lu, and even the extras are good. Sure, character profiles, a Japanese trailer, and a production gallery are standard fair these days, but where else can you actually get a collection of translation and cultural notes that are so insightful and informative? Right Stuf, AnimEigo, and AN Entertainment are really the only ones. Sure ADV has those pop-up notes, but they ruin half of the fun of the series.

Over the top antics and hidden jokes make this police comedy one series to keep in your sights and I'm not afraid to admit it has me hooked.

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  • Miami Guns Vol. 1

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    bilingual DVD / 100 min. / 4 eps
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    AN Entertaiment / Takeaki Momose
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