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I'm sure that many of you have seen the little surveys that come bundled along with the newest manga titles, but how many people actually take the time to fill them out and mail them in? I'd guess that only a small percentage of the manga-reading population feels like making the effort to complete them as well as provide postage to ensure their safe arrival at the publisher of their origin.

I have to admit, even though I have thousands of manga and DVDs, I've never sent in one of those consumer response sheets. With all the books I've purchased, I probably could've convinced each of the publishers to print a picture of Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or Paul McCartney on the inside cover by sending in 2000 little cards suggesting such an action.

To date, I haven't really exercised my potential consumer power.

Thus, in part because I'm too lazy to hand write the answers, too cheap to affix postage, and running out of ideas for this month's column, I've decided to answer the questions ADV Manga poses in the back of its books.

Name: Patrick King
Address: It's a secret, but mostly you can find me at work.
City, State, Zip: St. Louis, MO (yeah, I skipped the ZIP code too, sue me)
E-Mail: Click the link above!
I'm male, and 24.

Now that we're done invading my personal life, on to the questions!

Would I like to receive offers or other information from ADV in the future?

Well, that depends. What kind of offers are we talking about? I mean, I don't want credit card companies hounding me any more than they already do, but then if ADV means they're going to send me little postcards giving me $5 off my next anime purchase, or a punch card for a free book for every 10 I buy, then sure, I'll take em.

Annual Household Income

Are you kidding? I work in a bookstore, and my girlfriend is in medical school. I'm paying off four years worth of tuition at a pricey Jesuit university. Our annual income is below zero - we lose money every time we do something.

That, and I own an old Firebird. Income? Ha!

Please overlook the fact that, yes, I still buy anime and manga. There are priorities, you know.

How do you hear about new Manga releases

I check about a bazillion websites a day featuring comic book release lists, I hear news from friends, I read all the current magazines, though mostly, I find out about them when they arrive in stock.

That's the best way to find them - available for purchase.

Which magazines do you read?

Lessee. I do check out Animerica, Newtype, and EGM, though only rarely do I read the others on the list of about 18 magazines. I also read the official X-Box magazine, Nintendo Power (they have good giveaways), GamePro, and MAD Magazine. My favorite magazines of all time are probably the incredibly readable Game Players magazine and the respectably professional Next Generation, both dead, and both sorely missed.

Have you visited the ADV Manga website?

A couple of times, yes. I feel a little bad that I don't go there often, though I'm not sure why I feel guilty about that.

Have you made any manga purchases from the ADV website?

What? We can buy manga there? Well, I haven't, but maybe I will in the future, granted the discount is significant enough. And by significant, I'm talking half off.

If you have visited the ADV Manga website, how would you rate your online experience?

I have, though I guess it wasn't a very memorable experience. I suppose it was probably slow (I use dial-up), and since I most likely went there on a whim, it served my desire to waste time at the moment. I really do need to go back there... Oh, right, I'd say it was "average."

What genre of manga do you prefer?

Anything and everything. That is, adventure, romance, detective, action, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, sports, comedy, and probably a few genres that aren't on that list. Nothing is preferred - all is welcome.

How many manga titles have you purchased in the last 6 months? choices are none, 1-4, 5-10, and 11+. I probably bought, estimating conservatively, 250 new books in the past six months. So, I guess I should choose 11+.

Where do you make your manga purchases?

Wherever they're the cheapest. I was once fiercely loyal to my store, only purchasing books from the company I work for. Now, my customers buy enough to make me feel like I can cheat and buy books for less elsewhere. I still average about 3 books a week at the store, so I haven't left them completely.

Which bookstores do you usually make your manga purchases at?

I've only purchased manga from Waldenbooks, given the stores listed. I go to The Right Stuf and Animenation often, however. To be honest, our store simply has more manga than any Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Books-a-Million I've ever seen in the region. Maybe it's because I work there... In any case, there's no reason for me to drive to another store knowing that they won't have what I'm looking for, they won't have it in the right place if they do, and if they have it and I find it, they'll look at me funny for buying it.

All stores around the country vary, but this is how it is in St. Louis. By all means visit me to prove me wrong.

What's your favorite anime / manga website?

I kinda like Animefringe, but perhaps I'm biased. I tend to check out AnimeOnDVD more often than anything else, simply because they have more information on buying anime than most other sites, though I don't go there without checking out Anime News Network, either. I've used the anipike in the past, but I haven't gone there in a year or so, honestly.

One day, when I have DSL, I promise - I'll visit all of the sites listed on the survey. Who knows? I might even buy manga from ADV Manga direct!

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