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Katie Bair 101
You might now her best for her work on Ninja High School and Oasis Destiny from the pages of Shoujo, but Katie Bair is an all around wonder girl. From making wigs to writing music, Katie Bair is never one to just sit idly by and do nothing. Join us as we pick Katie Bair's brain to find out what makes her tick and what keeps her going into the wee hours of the morning (here's a hint: it's brown and tastes yummy)!
After what seems like ages in the making, the hotly-anticipated international manga collaboration between Courtney Love, Misaho Kujiradou, D.J. Milky and Ai Yazawa has finally arrived! Come and see why this is the number one manga in America! It's definitely "Love" to the extreme!
Join intrepid journalist, Adam Arnold and photographer, Matt Pollock as they give you an up-close and personal look at Florida's biggest con, METROCON 2004. From Cat Girls to School Girls and all the anime hijinks in-between, this is one journey you can not bear to miss!
Andrew dives into the scene of anime like he has never done before. If he thought he loved anime, hes about to take it to another level. With Crazy Otakus, Cosplayers and new anime's anime overload at Otakon 2004!
no. 2004/08
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  • Is it possible that we actually have too much manga? What are some ways that the concerned otaku can ensure that no manga goes unnoticed? Patrick muses on this vital topic in this month's Life on the Fringe.
  • It's been a staple of video gaming since the earliest days: a budget line of best selling titles. It makes so much sense; companies sell more copies of older titles and fans get it cheaper. So why don't we see this more with anime?
  • Captain Tylor is an unusually informal military man and few truly understand the importance of a dynamic mind behind a lazy exterior. Aaron sets out to analyze just what responsibility is and how its definition by character may need to change.
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