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That feeling's in the air--crispness, kids going back to school--you know, summer's over and fall has once again come back into our lives. Leaves turning colors, the female readers curling up next to a certain mail desk editor this month, Animefringe doles out career advice, we get international, and one of Pat's faithful readers has the last word on whether Chobits promotes pedophilia. So on that note, onward and upward!

dear freinds or soon to be coleeg's this is greg grigsby and i asure you that if i can get a job with an anime group to start my correr in art i will proove that i'm the best at what i do and above all i'm the best on the planet

Dear Aspiring Cartoonist and Animator,

Please understand I am not speaking from personal experience -- I need a ruler to draw stick figures accurately. However, one of my old high school chums is an excellent artist and she was once propositioned by Disney Studios, in Florida, to become one of their animators.
How did "Jane" accomplish this? It is quite simple: she posted her still-frame comics on the internet and in local newspapers. Jane built an online portfolio, started a webcomic, and began getting to know her peers. She traded art days with webcomics she liked and participated in as many comic-based web communities as possible. A representative of Disney emailed Jane and said he wanted to see more of her work. Come to find out, a friend of Jane's sent her online drawings to Disney in hopes of helping her career in cartooning. Unfortunately, Jane turned down the offer because she was still in school and animation really "wasn't her thang" (she prefers comics).
What does this story mean? Get your work out there and build a collection of stills and items you have animated. Participate in a community with your colleagues. Start drawing a webcomic or, better yet, an animated one -- you don't see too many of those around. Go to college for a degree in Art geared toward Drawing or a Major in Animation and Graphic Design. Once you have a hearty portfolio you need to start sending it out to studios that interest you.
Another idea would be to enter the Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga Contest. Remember, most anime is based off a manga.
Work, work, and more work! No one becomes famous -- or lands that dream job -- overnight.

- Staci

espero que sepas espanol...
hola, queria decirte que me parece muy bueno que muestres esto... es uno de los mejores animes que hay. Creo que esto puede ayudar a ke muchas perdonas recapasiten y abran un poco mas sus mentes...
bueno, nada mas.
espero que halla un arjuna 2

byes =)

According to Patrick that comes out to:

I hope that you know Spanish [ha! Ridwan]... I want to tell you (or I wish you could tell me) that it seems to me very good that you show this/that. (Maybe "I want to tell you it seems like a very good show?") It's one of the best animes there is. I hope that this can help to (ke?) many pardons (recapasiten?) and opens their minds a little more. Good, nothing more. I hope that you find Arjuna 2.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like Arjuna is getting a sequel. Thanks for the letter though. Also as a side note, Babelfish is next to useless.

- Ridwan

Dear Animefringe,

I was wondering what new gundam series was next after Gundam Seed on television. Thanks for considering to answer my question.

Dear SEED fan,

The Gundam god Adam sayeth: "The next series is Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny and it starts 10/9."

- Ridwan

Dear animefringe,

Hi. I'm trying to find some info, and came across your informative article about imports.

I'm trying to find the answer to the following, and if you know the answer and would be so good as to respond to me, I'd be infinitely grateful.

Has SonMay recently changed its name to K-O Trading Co., Ltd.?

Many thanks! Arigato!


Hey, Mag!

After some crack research by the Animfringe team (mostly Janet) it looks like SonMay is still very much alive and kicking. That doesn't rule out K-O being a sketchy Taiwanese bootlegger, but SonMay is definitely still around under its old moniker.

- Ridwan

Dear Animefringe,


do you know when bubblegum crisis 2041 is coming out?

Dear BGC fan,


But seriously, according to our sources BGC is still in production. Who knows when it'll come out, especially considering the state of the Japanese economy. At least you still have the Parasite Dolls OVA to look forward to.

- Ridwan

Dear Animefringe,

Look im sorry to say it buddy but to me chobits is a child pornography its a sick show for 30 year old men. p.s yes I know it short


Dear Chobits Hater,

I dunno, if Chobits is a show for 30 year old men, then perhaps we should tell the scores of teenage girls who liked it. My younger sister (in her early 20s) also likes it. sister is...



- Patrick

That's the mailbag this week. Will there ever be a month where Patrick isn't brow beaten by the readers? I don't want to live in a world where I can't get my Pat abuse fix.

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