Miami Guns Vol. 3

by Adam Arnold

Oh yeaaaah! The wait for a new Miami Guns volume was almost too much to bear, but AN Entertainment is cranking these babies out at breakneck speed. For those who missed volume two, allow me to recap a few spoofs you missed: Antonio Banderas, Bruce Willis, Princess Mononoke, The Matrix, and Planet of the Apes. What will episodes eight through ten hold in store for the Miami Guns while we traverse the third volume of this hilarious series? Well, does Friday the 13th ring a bell?

Yes folks, "The Sea! Bikinis! Ghosts!" walks a very fine line between fan service and parody, it all starts with one of our unfortunate throw-away detectives doing exactly what they do best... dieing on duty. Please, kids, keep Detective Tights final words close to your heart, "If you wear tights made of synthetic material, don't get near fire."

Cue the title card, and said episode picks up with the girls all trying to keep an off-limits island free from trespassers. Unfortunately for the Miami Guns, their boat drifts out to sea - after the rope is severed - and leaves them standing on the island along with two other couples and a homicidal ghost out for blood!

Episode nine, titled "Ten Million Miami Dollar Woman", picks up with Yao waking up one morning with a $10,000,000 price on her head and every bounty hunter in the world trying to collect. The funny thing, Yao is so out of it that she doesn't even notice! Oh, and for all you Julio lovers out there, take heart because both he and his panty lovin' gator friend return in this episode.

When Yao causes five billion Miami dollars in damage during the pursuit of a lone suspect in episode ten, her daddy severs her allowance, the Miami police department pulls a wage garnishment and they stick her with a ten billion dollar robot as her new partner. And, if you were thinking that she goes right to the pawnshop with the big tin can, then you are exactly right. She even tries to use him as a ko-gal!

Seriously though, "Zenigeba Deka R" is about a massive gambling casino scam that the Miami Guns are trying to break up and Yao just happens to find her way at the heart of it. Let this episode serve as a warning to anyone looking for a loan... never agree to anything where the terms are "ten percent for ten days, profits get split fifty-fifty."

The English dub continues to shine with virtually every voice, even the supporting cast, being enjoyable and well played. Yao's voice is consistently the most prevalent and loudest voice, but her obnoxious cackles never seem to grate too much. And even if they do, it's always balanced out by Lu's soft-spoken voice. By far though, the character Julio steals any scene he is in with his suave Spanish accent.

Special features on this disc mirror those of the other two volumes; translation notes, image gallery, clean opening and ending, character guides and trailers. The translation notes continue to be the best of these features and they have a few interesting factoids that even scholars of The Anime Companion may not know. I never realized that the peace sign characters flash in many series is actually a "V" sign--the Japanese equivalent of a thumbs up.

My only real complaint with this DVD is that it would never load in my Toshiba SD2108 player--a player that I also had trouble with Jin-Roh and the first volume of Sakura Wars: Return of the Spirit Warriors. Upon examining the bottom of the disk, I did notice a strange pattern, not scratches mind you, but rather a bizarre series of wispy lines. I tried the disc in my computer's DVD-Rom drive and it played without a hitch. I even went so far as to put it in my Xbox and had no problems there, either.

That said, Miami Guns continues to be one of the titles that I'm constantly looking forward to, because of its unique blend of comedy and Excel Saga-esque parody. With just one volume left, this is one series that I'm sure will be getting quite a bit of play since anyone I show it to is instantly hooked.

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  • Miami Guns Vol. 3

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