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Chrono Crusade
It's the roaring twenties, and New York is overflowing with undead monsters, demons and devil worshippers. Only the mighty elite exorcist Sister Rosette and her contracted demon sidekick, Chrono, of the Magdalene Order have any hope of ridding the city of its aliments. That is...if Rosette lives long enough. Join Animefringe as we go behind the hit Gonzo series with an in-depth look at the series and chat it up with Chrono's voice actor, Greg Ayres! Who thought a show about nuns could be this cool?
You've mastered DDR, you've busted some mean techno groves in Beatmania, but have you given Konami's other massively popular Bemani title a try? With Pop'n Music 10 coming out November 18 in Japan, Animefringe met up with's Random to talk shop.
Join Komugi as she battles viruses as Nurse Witch Komugi, while trying to keep her day job as a cosplay idol in the cut-throat world of entertainment! What's a girl to do?! Save the world or save her career?
Japan's hottest non-Bemani rhythm game, TAIKO: Drum Master, hit store shelves the last week of October, and Animefringe is here with the game's localization producer, Ken Nakadate, to give you the skinny on the title's origins.
What makes a hero? Is it attitude? Super powers? A desire to do good no matter the risk to one's self? In Dokkoida, the answer to this mind-bending question is finally revealed thanks to a scrawny guy name Suzuo with a pinchent for diapers.
Join intrepid Animefringe reporter Andrew Chanthaphone as he braves the wilds of the voice acting scene at a home town con. Anime USA never knew what hit them. Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid.
We've all lost something precious before. Perhaps it was something that had little material worth but great emotional value. Then again, maybe it was worth a great deal of money and meant nothing to us. Either way, if you've lost it, the Get Backers can return it. For a price, of course.
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  • This year, to promote their terrific lineup of anime CD soundtracks, Geneon ran a deal where loyal (or addicted you decide) customers could get a free CD via mail after picking up a few titles. I did, and now, months later, Im ready for my freebies. But are my freebies ready for me?
  • Matt asks that critical question that we all try to ignore: just what's with bad guys and their lucious long locks and bishounen goodness? Is evil beautiful and no one ever noticed it before?
  • Animefringe columnist Aaron Bynum takes a unique look at a few of the key points quoted in Arakawa and Goto's famous boat conversation. Although it doesn't tackle every aspect of the dialogue, this article details the importance that the talk holds concerning the clarity of truth and the balance of control in conflict.
  • A daring battle between the sexes! The goal is to determine who stands more capable of wooing those luscious ladies. Which smooth-as-satin tongue prevails: Staci's or Ben's? Above all else, courting mayhem is sure to be had!
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