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Good Golly Miss Molly! That's one giantic issue!!
Everyone worked doubly hard this month to bring you this extra-sized issue just in time for the holidays. Sometimes we like to surprise readers by including a lot of content, because we think you deserve it...and we kind of like to see our names attached to articles. It's that whole ego trip thing, but we know you all love to read the latest Fringe, so it works both ways. So, feel free to drop us some feedback concerning this latest masterpiece or just ask us some questions. We'd also like to hear about what you'd like to see from us in the future, because all you have to do is send us an e-mail and let us know!

Dear Animefringe,

I hope you haven't answered this question already (I just discovered the wonder that is this site). Is there going to be a second tv series of Full Metal Panic? Rumors have abounded all over the Internet and I want to know if there's a real possibility. I would really loooove it if there were another series to develop more of the manga's plot and also Chidori and Sousuke's relationship. Keep up the superb work!

Dear Kate,

Here's a direct quote from ANN:

Kadokowa Shoten has officially announced that a new Full Metal Panic! TV series, Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid, is to be produced. The series will once again be directed by Yasuhiro Takemoto, but is expected to be a serious adaptation of the two Full Metal Panic! Owaru Day By Day novels.

Now I have heard rumours of a second FMP? Fumoffu series, but that just seems to be wishful thinking. As for the Chidori/Sousuke relationship, well, we'll just have to watch and see!

Dear Animefringe,

While I totally agree with your whole annoying okatu thing, must you foist these people off on some innocent girl. I mean the only thing worse than a knight in shining armor is a know- it-all knight in shining armor. (I can save my own bacon, thank you. No, I am sure that you don\'t need to help. Why don\'t you go find a shrubbery or something) Anyway, next time try to resist hoisting your annoying otaku off on some innocent girl and find a better another annoying otaku.


Dear Alyssa,

True, that is kinda mean. However, nine times out of ten, girls know how to deal with annoying people. In fact, they have some impressive natural instincts when it comes to brushing people off. Sometimes, the women I hang out with scare me, and I'm with them. It's not pretty when they don't want to be bothered.

You're right, though - the innocent should not have to suffer for the sins of an otaku - male or female.

It's a bit moot for me - I'm no longer at Waldenbooks and there aren't many cons nearby enough for me to frequent. In a way, I miss the socially dysfunctional visitors I used to have... *sniff*

- Patrick

Dear Animefringe,

I want to become a manga artist but I am not sure if Iam good enough. Plus, I\'ve gotten good coments and bad coments about my art. What should I do ?


Dear WasonInuyasha,

Okay, it's Facts of Artistic Life time! No one ever reaches a point where they feel that they've mastered their artstyle or when a piece is complete. You'll always have the urge to draw in a few more lines, shade a little here, maybe add something into the background. The trick is knowing when to stop.

Criticism is a lot better than praise, though praise is the Pocky that feeds the soul to make you want to draw more. Criticism tells you what you need to work on.

So how do you improve? Practice. Practice. PRACTICE!

Draw frequently. Pick up some books from the library and learn how to draw anatomy. That's the biggest mistake in amateur artists. They skip over the basics that they would have had drilled into them at art school. Learn to draw backgrounds. It's so easy to just do characters in white space. Study photos and draw them. Learn perspective by looking at the world around you. Try to draw your own version of popular characters and people. Don't copy; machines can do that faster and better.

Then post online your work at websites designed around manga/comic artists and get feedback. Listen to the feedback and take it in. If an arm looks wrong, then redraw the arm. Don't just make a piece, post it, then leave it. Polish your piece. No one makes a masterpiece in one sitting. Learn from other people, especially the people who make money doing comics.

Once you have a portfolio that covers your skills (characters, scenes, backgrounds, emotions, inking/pencil/tones, etc.), start applying for professional freelance projects. Sure, the art director will probably pass you over, but at least you're getting your work out there. Enter competitions and con art shows. If you want to be a professional, you need to see yourself as a professional.

Good luck!

- Janet

Dear Animefringe,

This is regarding the review of Texhnolyze that appears in animefringe no. 2004/05 page 2, by Patrick King.

Although the staff members and their influences have been mentioned, I am surprised that Konaka Chiaki has not been given any credit. Mr. Konaka is the original story writer of Texhnolyze, as well as Serial Experiments Lain, Rah Xephon, Hellsing, The Big O and several other series. I think his presence definitely played a role in the atmosphere of this series, and should be mentioned.

Thank you for your time,

Dear Oxxide,

Thanks for the heads up on the other staff members. We hope this letter serves as just the praise those hard working anime creators deserve!

- Adam

And PHEW! That's it. Time to roll those credits and go take a few showers. Just don't forget...we want to hear what you think! Until next month, this is Adam Arnold for Animefringe signing out.

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