Demon Lord Dante Vol. 2: Dante Rages

by Andrew Chanthaphone

Ryo Utsugi returns for the second installment of Demon Lord Dante . Hopefully this volume will answer some of the questions the first volume raised.

At the end of volume one, Ryo had been swallowed up by the great demon lord and blacked out, believing his life had ended. When Ryo awakens, he does not realize that he has become Dante and is terrorizing the city and killing everything around him. The Japanese army decides to do what all armies do when they are about to be defeated: they bring out the nukes. While he is being bombarded, Dante is approached by his long time friend Zenon. Ryo regains his senses within Dante and learns of Dante's relationship with Zenon and what destruction Dante can do. Ryo becomes rather cocky and seems to enjoy the power of Dante. Zenon works for God, so he ends up fighting with Dante, but Zenon dies in the fight. As he dies, Zeon leaves Ryo with some cryptic comments.

The Satanists are in a state of utter confusion because the actions of Dante are not the same as the demon lord they once knew. The United Nations watches the tape of Dante and is shocked that a monster exits. The worshippers of God also do not know what to do. Ryo returns home and instantly passes out, but weird things are happening around Ryo. He sees things differently and he is still confused on if he is a demon or not.

Ryo’s father asks for God’s help and His response is to acquire the help of four demon kings that had been locked away. When the seal is broken, the people of the world are shocked to see demons and so opened fire. The devils unleash hell and kill every last human they see; nice to see that humanity’s saviors are friendly. God’s worshipers are confused, because they were under the assumption the devils are there to help, not to kill other people. The council is divided; some believe they are merely devils and are not working for God, while others think of it as a small sacrifice to pay. Ryo’s father agrees with the latter.

Now a twist appears in the series. The leader of the Satanists appears to Ryo and reveals to Ryo his true past. It seems that Ryo’s parents were killed and Ryo was taken in by the man he thought was his father. INTERESTING. Another twist is God's clan created a monster, and are allowing it to kill innocent people. Wait a minute, aren’t the people of God supposed to help people and not kill them? Confused? I know I am.

Sosuke, one of the God members, questions why they are using the monster to kill and is told its God’s will. While the monster is attempting to kill, Ryo as a Devilman look-alike comes in and saves the day. Returning to his home, he sees his sister and she notices a big gash on his forearm. She leaves and Ryo notices his wound healing right before his eyes. The four kings are now in Tokyo and gee, what else is new… they are killing innocent people. While all this is going on, Ryo meets Saeko Kodai. Saeko is an actress who appears in commercials in Tokyo. When Ryo is threatened by a group of thugs, she appears out of no where and is instantly surrounded. The thugs, wanting some “fun”, attempt to rape her, only to see her change into a devil woman and kill them. When finished, she grabs Ryo and cries.

In my review of the first volume, I was hoping for a better understanding of the plot. After watching volume two, I am more confused and honestly, I have lost all interest in the show. Who’s good and bad in this show? Will it become clear in later volumes? From what I’ve seen, I think God’s people are the devils and the Satanist worshippers as the good guys. I might have to force myself to watch volume three when it comes out to try to understand what is going on.

A bonus in this volume is an interview with the man himself, Go Nagai. He said the reason it took this comic thirty years to become an anime is that the violent piece he created was not allowed to become anime back then. The concept of the show was that good is not always the “good guys” and evil could be the right path and he wanted to make that point in this show. What is shocking is that the comic is actually not finished. He said he wanted his staff to keep the general idea, but they can finish it any way they please. Great. He doesn’t care how it finishes. Well this reviewer cares and to me, it’s not very good to be a Go Nagai anime. One word can describe this series so far: DISSAPPOINTING!

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