by Janet Crocker

With a name like Punishment, you know that there's going to be a lot of discipline handed out by a frustrated teacher onto his nubile students.

Hentai is very much like its parent art form, pornography. After a while, you learn how to read the plot from a title. In fact, if the action deviates from what the title promises, it isn't a very good video. Punishment was pretty much what I expected, though the cover art --front and back-- contains acts that are not on this DVD. Professor Kayama is your stereotypical college (Hentai Rule #1: All drawn participants are 18+) physics professor: nerdy to the extreme. His school, however, is not so typical, as it is full of lesbian cheerleaders, a girl willing to have sex with teachers for higher marks, and the plain old school prostitute who is still technically a virgin. The aforementioned group of girls decides to play a prank on Kayama during his last week at the school before he leaves to become a researcher; they drug him and take pictures of him naked, then post them around the school.

Kayama decides that they must be punished.

Oh yes. They must all be punished.

Surprisingly, very little corporal punishment is in this hentai. It's mostly a rape/bondage flick with some object insertion, the true punishment being humiliation and the threat of pregnancy (I've been wondering when hentai would start reflecting real life in terms of safe sex). The animation quality is fair; pubic hair is shown, but other anatomy is left very vague. The dub voices and dialogue was hilariously disturbing. Just picture the voice of Transformer's Optimus Prime as Professor Kayama, delivering deadpan lines like "If you beg enough, I'll take it out". The students all have voices that sound like actual porn actresses that regularly play sorority girls gone bad, which might be seen as a good or bad thing. For me, it really kept interrupting the mood, but the lines sounded realistic for pornography.

Punishment has one big thing working against it. There's a new trend in hentai and H-games to show a pool of blood when a girl loses her virginity. Personally, there's nothing like a rapidly expanding pool of blood to kill the happy feelings in me, and frankly, it's pretty gross to see. Happily, this only happens during one scene, so you can fast-forward through it.

This hentai went out on a whimper after setting up this plot of revenge. We end with the under-aged mentee of the profane Professor discovering his dirty deeds. After confronting him and his willing assistant (a converted and Punished lesbian), she is drugged and soon will be raped to make her shut up. (Hentai Rule #2: Let the audience fill in the blanks when under-aged animated characters are involved.) It was a let-down after a decently good hentai, particularly when this scene is nothing but side plot glued on at the end.

If discipline through humiliation is your kink, then Punishment is your DVD. My only disappointment was that the whipped cream and fruit scene illustrated on the back cover exists only in my imagination. *sigh* And I like whipped cream too...

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  • Punishment

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    Bilingual DVD / 60 mins. / 2 eps.
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    Critical Mass / BLUE GALE / Digital Works
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