Gungrave volume 3: Undead War

by Andrew Chanthaphone

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy this series. We know about all the failures that have risen when video games are turned into anime series. Looking at the past attempts, such as Final Fantasy Unlimited, Gungrave has already surpassed those and continues to better itself with every episode.

When we last left Brandon and Harry, Brandon had to take out one of Millennion's own. The iron code of Millennion is that any traitor must die. While the funeral occurs, Brandon and Harry look on as they understand the code fully and continue to rise in the ranks of Millennion.

A man called Blood War has been released and looks to cause trouble with Millennion. With another named Cannon Vulcan at his side, Millennion forces take notice and dispatch Brandon and Harry to investigate. Millennion's executives fear what havoc Blood War might (or will) cause. What Millennion doesn't know is that Cannon has been researching a process that can bring the dead to life. Completely unaware, Harry and Brandon continue to investigate Cannon and Blood's every move. What Harry and Brandon do not know is their encounter with Blood and Cannon will change their lives forever.

Blood, a witness to the technology that can bring the dead back, decides to massacre his entire gang to become guinea pigs for the operation. The technology is called Necrolyze, which can bring anything thing once alive back as mindless zombies. Necrolyze allows another to control their actions so that they are virtually unstoppable. Brandon, figuring out their plans, attempts to fight the zombies and Blood. While his battle is going on Harry finds out one of his own has betrayed him. Harry has a big issue because the traitor was one of his fellow partners when he was moving up.

Three years have passed since the fight with Blood and Cannon. Harry and Brandon are now among the top executives for Millennion. Brandon is totally different; he is now well-dressed, but his job as the top sweeper remains unchanged. Harry is courting Bear Walkin's daughter. Things seem to well, but one piece remains overlooked... Maria. Brandon is focused more on his job and less on the reason for which he joined Millennion. Harry is becoming more cunning and would stop at nothing to rise to the top.

Aren't things getting exciting?

The dubbing continues to be excellent from Bang Zoom! Ron Allen was the perfect choice for Brandon, and he made me want to listen to the dub even more. The audio comes in 5.1 English, 2 channel, and DTS 5.1. All the gunshots and music in the background are booming out of my system. The animation nothing less than spectacular, as the dark and gloomy atmosphere is illustrated well. Madhouse has done a beautiful job, and they must be praised.

The foil covers still continue with each release, and we are treated to three previews from Geneon. The ones that got my interest are Appleseed and Samauri Champloo, but talking about those will come at another time.

The story is now making sense. If you remember from Volume One when we were treated to what the future is, we can now make sense of the events that led to the creation of Grave. As the story furthers along, I hunger to see more. How much longer before Harry and Brandon finally get to the top? What does Harry have up his sleeve?

I cannot wait for the fourth volume to see what happens to the relationship between Brandon and Harry.

Who said all video games to anime series have to suck? This one definitely does not. Gungrave just continues to get better and I highly recommend this.

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  • Gungrave volume 3: Undead War

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