Tales of Seduction by U-Jin

by Janet Crocker

Visionary (re-released on DVD as Vixens) was one of the first hentai tapes I watched. A U-jin production, it portrayed female body parts as flowers, prophylactic alien squid attachments and just plain bizarre and hilarious situations. Thus, I picked up Tales of Seduction and expected something of the same. I prefer my hentai light and poking fun at itself.

Special features consist of the US trailer and a very small art gallery. Oddly enough, this DVD was packed with trailers -- five total -- ranging from Cat Soup to My My Mai. CPM also added a short piece, advertising Slayers manga, among other titles.

Tales of Seduction consists of three stories. The first story is about a pop music composer, Kazama, who regularly sleeps with upcoming idols sent over by their managers. Kazama claims he needs them for inspiration. Right. He lives across from a ladies' college where he worships one particular student as a pure, platonic love, a recreation of his first crush in childhood. When Kazama is called to appear on TV to be reunited with his first love, he discovers that she has become fat and ugly, not the college student of his dreams. Dejected, he runs home... Then, there's a knock on the door; it is his college girl, now an upcoming idol, sent over by her manager... Kazama immediately develops a problem: if he sleeps with her, it will ruin his image of her, but he desperately wants to sleep with her. He rolls his divination pencil/stick, and it says "no sex". But this is a U-Jin hentai, so he breaks the stick and sleeps with her anyway. Best line is uttered by a background voice actress at the college, obviously trying to fill up empty air: "I like showering. It's fun. La la la."

The remaining episodes deal with the Judge of Toyama, who rapes women for a fee. What is the fee? An RPG off of his wanted list. In reality, the Judge is Mr. Toyama, the president of a large corporation. With the assistance of his secretary, Sakurako, he seduces a fake virgin who stole another employee's man ("Even my car drives better, now that you're here, baby. ...Ride the rocket!"), and in the next episode, Toyama sleeps with a rich daughter of a senior employee. It really doesn't solve anything, however, as it turns out that the poor employee who requested Toyama's help was just deluding himself with an illusion of the perfect woman. So what's the Judge's secret? His Yakuza tattoo on his shoulder of sakura blossoms, the symbol of passionate love. It's also how he proves the women's infidelity, as he rips off his dress shirt to flash the tattoo in his office in front of all the parties involved.

The animation quality is not on par with newly released anime, as Tales of Seduction (originally titled U-Jin Brand) was made in 1991, over ten years ago. There isn't much nudity or euphemisms for sexual body parts, but the stories are still incredibly funny, but not as much as Visionary. In fact, I think most of the comedy comes from the English voice actors ad libbing. Still, Tales of Seduction makes for a good rental if you would like a brief adult-themed comedy.

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  • Tales of Seduction by U-Jin

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    Bilingual DVD / 45 mins. / 3 eps.
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    Central Park Media / Yujin / J.C. Staff
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