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Paranoia Agent
A vicious attack on a popular character designer sets the news world on fire. A juvenile delinquent dubbed "Lil' Slugger" has sent a string of victims to the hospital and a pair of detectives are desperately trying to piece together the clues before someone else gets hurt. And yet, not all is at it seems. Join Animefringe as we discuss Satoshi Kon's latest masterpiece, Paranoia Agent, with the man responsible for all that you see and hear--English Voice Director, Jonathan Klein!
Mamoru Oshii and his team have once again gone to the drawing board to create this masterpiece of a sequel, decreasing the philosophical rants while increasing the powerful action scenes. What does the increasing role of robots in every aspect of life mean for humanity?
A slow plot, stark animation, and severe Engrish are not the things that you would think of when asked to describe a good anime, but somehow, this story of a young boy and the band that helps him grow makes its way into your heart and keeps you coming back for more.
Animefringe's Joe and Janet look back at the bleak world of anime five years ago and the sunny scene that fans are basking in now. And boy what a couple of weird year's it has been! Join us to look back on how far we have gone since 1999! We still don't have flying cars though.
Another year has come and gone, and the results of yet another Top 25 have upon us! As always, Animefringe's annual tally seeks to uncover which of the Internet's anime sites are the best of the best. You voted for them and now it is time to see how your favorite sites stack up!
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