by Team Animefringe

Welcome to the very first Wanted! Now, you might be asking yourself, "What the heck is this?" And that is a would be a very nice question to be asking, but it would not elicit much of a response if you asked that of yourself as you would still not have an answer and anyone that happened to be standing around would have by then stopped and started looking at you funny. Yes, talking to yourself, is a dangerous addiction and must be stopped for it is a sign of a severe personal problem. Prepare the strait jackets!

Anyway, Animefringe's Wanted! is where our staff gets together and talks about all the stuff they are either looking forward to or would like to get in the coming month. See? Self explanatory. --Adam Arnold

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Janet's Picks:

(Manga) Cheeky Angel Vol. 4 - Can't get enough of the "cheeky" story that I tend to just stand there in the store and read the entire volume before plopping my money down!

(Manga) The Tarot Cafe Vol. 1 - I'm a sucker for supernatural mangas, and the artwork looks nice.

(Manga) Masca Vol. 1 - I've heard that it's like a manga version of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series and that's always a plus, but it has pretty boys in it too!

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Joe's Picks:

(Anime) Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 4 - This could be the best new show out in my opinion. It a perfect example of story telling at it's finest.

(Anime) Chrono Crusade Vol. 3 - It's a vry entertaining show and there's something oddly "appealing" about a series that sports fan-service showcasing nuns.

(Manga) .Remote. Vol. 4 - I'm really digging the mysteries in this manga.

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Maria's Picks:

(Manga) Tactics Vol. 2 - I prefer the manga over the anime, and the anime's pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing whether or not the two run parallel to each other, or if the anime is as different as it seems to be.

(Anime) Gankutsuou - Since there has been a request for subbing to cease on this title, I better see it on shelves soon or I'll forget about it and we'll be in a loose-loose situation.

(Music) The Pillows Singles - Those itty bitty Mini CD's are so cute! Too bad they cost 11 bucks a pop, sans shipping.

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Chris's Picks:

(Anime) Paranoia Agent Vol. 2 - Why the three month wait, Geneon?!

(Anime) Gantz Vol. 1 - Finally, the uncut DVD's are coming out, but it's going to break me just trying to get all the episodes!

(Manga) Othello Vol. 2 - After reading the first volume, I need more! More I tell you!

Adam's Picks:

After this issue, I'm gonna need a...
(Service) A Swedish Lap Dance - Preferably by a fly little lady that shows up in a brand new Volvo.
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Then a...
(Service) Thai Massage - Self explainatory.

And probably a...
(Merchandise) Hello Kitty Neck Massager - Because my neck'll probably still be kinda stiff even after that thai massage and I'm sure the therapist might like to try out the devices "legendary capabilities."

Oh, and just when the fan service couldn't go any further through the roof...
(Manga) PhD: Phantasy Degree Vol. 1 and Pita-Ten Vol. 7 - Listed here simply because they are all soooooo awesome and I never get the chance to just shamefully plug titles I've worked on. Yay!

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