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The Ring
So, after two years you actually thought it was safe to turn on your TV, huh? Wrong! Samara returns to the theater screen this month in The Ring Two, the first sequel to the American adaptation of the Japanese hit Ring. So, unplug your TV, turn on all the lights and join me as we explore the depths of the well and the history of The Ring.
Studio Ghibli's Porco Rosso, about an Italian-pilot-turned-hog, seems like an odd idea for a film. Add in action, romance, and Hayao Miyazaki's patent talent for flying sequences and it starts to seem a little less crazy.
The makers of Please Teacher are at it again with another romance/comedy and this time there are two lucky ladies vying for our hero's heart and one of the most interesting and disturbing twists you’ll see in all of anime!
With the chaotic, angst-filled battles of the first SEEDover, it's now time to relax and rebuild. But For some, peace isn't an option. Now, it's up to Athrun and Shinn to make sure past tragedies are never repeated.
More and more games are being turned into anime, and AIR is the latest. Currently airing on Japanese TV with a movie showing in theatres, Animefringe takes a look at the mystery of this enchanting anime.
Shinichiro Watanabe's latest anime hit crosses samurai swords with hip-hop beats, creating a remixed world of fast-paced action and remarkable characters. Come and see the series that has everyone glued to the TV!
The population of Japan is decreasing and fast, the government has to act quickly to correct this or else the country could be in danger, so of course the solution involves... high school students.
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