Your production staff this month...


Aaron H. Bynum is presently observing and identifying a concept: the meaning of acting on one's own, with one's own opinions, ideals, philosophies, motives, opportunities, and objectives... is to be living without being governed. To live in a world where people do not wait for you to make a mistake. If one continually aggregates a mindset of righteousness to win only for oneself, he then prides in the success by oneself for oneself. Is all selfishness social inadequacy? If we as humans refuse achieving individual recognition, should we then cease to be human, or have our decreasing humanity further prophesized?


Adam Arnold has his sights clearly set on world domination. His volcano lair is currently being constructed at an unspecified location and his harem comedy, Aoi House, has become his gateway to enslaving all of otakudom so that they may do his bidding. In a recent video interview, Adam recently broke down and started singing Barry Manilow's "Mandy." Clearly he has gone insane from watching too much Angel and not nearly enough anime.


He's sure you can releate, but what a crazy month it's been for Andrew Chanthaphone. Under major deadlines and upset clients, working eleven hours days are NORMAL! This month was definitly like the movie Office Space. His high boss was just like Bill Lumberg with his, "Umm... yeah... Andrew, I'm going to yeah... Need you to come into work this weekend." What's his secret to unwinding success? Why, going to the first nice anime con of the year!


Janet Crocker has had that cold/flu thing that seems to come around every February for most of this month, which really put a hamper on her usual amount of anime gluttony. However, she is starting to rake in the money at work, which will enable her to buy even more. Thus the cycle of anime addiction continues, although she would really like someone to become her anime sugar daddy. Itís tough being cute and otaku. Happily, she will get some satisfaction this month with a visit to the local gaming con. Yay gamer chicks!


Recently Joe Luscik came to a conclusion that everything is better when it's raspberry flavored. Move over running, raspberry everything has topped ya! Whether it's ice tea, cappuccino, cheesecake, name it, raspberry is the best flavor. Right now, Joe's wishing he'd bought stock in raspberry ice tea because he drinks that stuff like Naruto eats ramen. Sure, he's only had a few raspberries in his entire life, but they are very tasty. Yes, it truly is a "Raspberry Heaven."


Lesley Smith has been euphorically happy this month, despite not being permenantly connected to the internet and poorer than your average ronin. A self-confessed Ringworm, her deep-rooted fear of Yamamura Sadako has resurfaced from watching all the Ring movies on DVD in one go, all in the name of research. So, in attempt to calm her nightmares, she has been avidly watching AIR and dreaming of summer. She is so taken by this gorgeous anime that she is thinking of cutting out food in order to buy the PS2 game. Can a person survive on anime and water alone?


Cash is becoming a problem for Maria Lin, ever since she left that exhilarating job at CVS printing one hour porn for naughty schoolmates. A lack of cash, plus a severe lag in waiting for new volumes of her favorite manga, has caused her to go back to an old obsession of hers, good old American comics. Maria is beginning to wonder if they're actually any cheaper, but at least they're on time and shiny.


In a never ending barrage of edits, design tweaks and bosses changing their minds at the last minute, Megan Sutton's life has been consumed for the last month by an evil entity known as the Spring Home Festival. A magazine published every year by the real estate company she works as a graphic designer for, the SHF is a compilation of ads for subdivisions and renderings of houses that are too expensive for the average (or even slightly above average) home buyer. After working countless hours of overtime, it appears as though this evil has passed, and will not haunt Megan's free time and sleep patterns any longer.


The rejuvenating power of classic Final Fantasy games has restored a little piece of Patrick King's soul - once believed to have been taken away forever by the nasties that make him work for the money he uses to buy games he doesn't have time to play, books he doesn't have time to read, and anime he doesn't have time to watch. He is currently setting up a shrine to Final Fantasy VI's Terra to see if he can regain more of his humanity through the healing powers of Hironobu Sakaguchi's masterpiece. At least he's working less than 100 hours a week now.


Shannon Fay doesn't live here any more. Yep, it's moving time again, which means a three-day car ride and over-night ferry in order to reach her destination. Luckily, weíll make a stop along the way for skiing! Maybe even indulge in some other winter activities, like ice-skating and sledding. Or drink hot chocolate in the ski lodge. Or just stay in the car, watching anime on her portable DVD-player. Either way, itís time for a road trip!

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