by Patrick King

It's amusing to have a single OVA of Eiken's, well, stature, be the origin of such powerful emotions. Unfortunately for Eiken, most of those feelings are of the negative sort, but one could argue that it is, indeed, inspiring.

Whether the show inspires one to fall asleep, shudder in revulsion at the massive physical traits of the female cast, drool in desire over those same traits, or laugh in amusement at the absurdity of it all, it's hard to claim that people who see Eiken will not walk away from it with an opinion of some sort.

For me, I'd have to admit that I fall into a blend of the first and last descriptions.

Eiken is a show that doesn't rely much on plot, but for propriety's sake, I'll attempt to summarize it in a generic way. A young, insecure guy (Densuke) tries to get closer to a girl that he has a crush on (Chiharu). Along the way, a large cast of additional characters either support him in his quest, or vie for his attention, they themselves enamored with the shy fellow. There are, naturally, events that transpire which simultaneously help him to become closer to the girl, as well as present obstacles to his goal.

Generic? Yes. However, Eiken introduces one significant twist to make this particular OVA stand apart from the others.

In anime, certain physiological exaggerations are to be expected. One expects to see big eyes and spiky hair. And, of course, the minimum cup size of a given anime woman is typically a C. Seeing big boobs in a show or book is nothing unusual. Even volleyball-sized breasts aren't terribly shocking. So, what is Eiken's innovative twist?

Watermelon-sized breasts. Giant pillow-sized breasts. Half of the body mass of the girls (I'd say women, but most of the characters are under 20) in this show is composed of their busts, and there you have the make or break element of Eiken. The character designs are otherwise normal, the animation is average, and the show's story is about as cookie-cutter as it gets.

Ultimately, there are only two ways to feel about the gargantuan melons featured in this show. Either they will disgust you and make you unable to stomach the series, or they'll represent your fondest dreams brought to colorful life.

However, I feel a responsibility to issue a warning to those of you looking for something sexually exciting. Even if giant knockers get you going, Eiken treats them as more of a joke than something sensual. This is not a sex-filled series, but more of a simple "boy trying to get girl" story, and thus whatever fantasies you have about the big boobs bouncing around in Eiken will likely remain as fantasies.

When taken as a joke, Eiken can be funny; however, there's only one significant running gag that gets jiggled in the viewer's face consistently.

If you love unrealistically large breasts and shonen romances, then Eiken will most likely entertain you. Even if you don't, it's an odd enough show that there are some people (myself included) that would like to see it at least once just to know it when it's referenced (which it is, quite often - the manga that it's based upon goes on quite a bit longer than the animated version).

Otherwise, it is at its best, boring, and at its worst, offensive, and I can't say that this show will appeal to the majority of anime fans. Oversized boob fanatics will be in mammary gland heaven (a soft, warm, bouncy place), but I think this show is only attractive to a small, dedicated fanbase. It's possible that Eiken would be better if the creators had taken it to a more extreme level - either by making it more sexy, or by making it funnier. However, this release feels as if it's just a standard romance with enormous breasts tacked on to small body frames.

It did not offend me, I did get the joke, and Iíd even consider reading the manga if it ever came over here, but overall, this isnít a very special OVA. In its defense, it was pretty inexpensive (only $14 at Best Buy), and Iím glad that Anime Works decided to even try bringing it over here. I hope it sells, in a way, just so that we get more weird stuff imported over here.

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