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Bonjour! It's wonderful month of March is upon us and since you've made it through another packed issue of Animefringe...it's time for something a little lighter. Yes, we're back with another wacky edition of Wanted!--that bizarre little column where all the staff rattles off a list of all that killer stuff they're most looking forward to getting in the coming month. Trust me when I say this, but this is one off-the-wall section and the only way to figure out what we may (or may not) be covering next month is to check out this page! --Adam Arnold

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Lesley's Picks:

Ah, so sad, this month I'm super poor but these are the things I NEED to survive:

(DVD) The Grudge - I love Asian horror. I started with Ring, and then moved onto Juon, of which this is the super scary American remake. I confess, I prefer the original theatrical versions, but it is amusing to see Sarah Michelle Gellar trying to speak Japanese. Plus, I don't need subtitles to understand Japanese anymore!
That's the movie, now something edible.

(Food) Pocky - I know, I know, it's clichťd, but I still haven't tried classic pocky. There was much discussion on the Animefringe Staff forum last month, and it's has made me want to travel two hours into the back end of London to buy some. Yes, I will spend an hour on the Tube, just for Japanese snacks! I'm very worried.
Also, from this month onward, I want to have something quirky but ever so useful!

(Clothing) Japanese Boyfriend T-Shirt - This is a wonderful little item from jlist.com. Basically, it says 'I'm looking for a Japanese boyfriend', and as I am single, I feel it might be useful, even if only as an interesting conversation starter! Wish me luck, folks!

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Maria's Picks:

Damn, I was gonna put a T-shirt on my Wanted! list too..

(Accessory) Rock Lee Pillow - He's just so cute with those big eyes and silly grin. I'd cuddle and love him all night long, but it might be a little scary to wake up to his crazy mug.

(Toys) Origami Star Paper - I could spend hundreds of dollars on colorful strips of paper just to make hundreds of thousands of dime shaped stars. It's an addiction that's as messy as confetti and much more time consuming.

(Travel) Personal Cargo Liner - I'm going to Japan soon, and I'm going to need something to carry back all my stuff.

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Janet's Picks:

(Anime) Cromartie High School Vol. 1 - It looks kinda interesting. The cover mocks that Queen cover, it has a Bender robot, and it did cause a buzz as a fansub! I'll probably rent this before buying it though. Got to be cautious about buying a new anime series.

(Manga) Comic Party Vol. 5 - It hasn't showed up yet on TOKYOPOP's website, so I hope that they haven't cancelled this series. Just a pause, so that I can buy other series and get addicted to them as well, right?! Right?!

(Manga) Pale Pink - It's true life stories of real women in Tokyo, who seem to have pretty, perfect lives that really aren't all that great. I like to read realistic books occasionally, though I prefer escapism. It has a mature rating, so I guess Pale Pink is going to be really gritty, sparing no details.

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Chris's Picks:

(Anime) Samurai Champloo Vol. 2 - Hip hop and samurai action make a great combo, one that could only be pulled off effectively by Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop fame. No recent anime has been this stylish and addictive, making this a DVD that will be in my player on the day of its release.

(Anime) Scrapped Princess Vol. 1 - Always wanting to catch a fansub, but never quite finding it anywhere, I was only told of its greatness by others, never able to experience it for myself. However, that will all change this month when Bandai releases it to store shelves everywhere!

(PSP Game) Metal Gear Acid - Since the PSP comes out on the 24th, I thought I should reveal my top launch pick... After I find all of its secrets and obsessively try to beat the game without killing, Gran Turismo PSP will be right around the corner!

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Joe's Picks:

(Anime) Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Vol. 5 - Up to this point, this is the absolute must-have anime of year for me.

(Anime) Midori Days - At last Midori No Hibi makes its US debut. This will probably be one of the most charming series released all year.

(Book) Cowboy Bebop Illustrations 'The Wind' - I'm a complete sucker for anything Bebop, and this art book will be a great addition to any collection.

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Shannon's Picks:

(Manga) Shojo Beat - I canít wait for the first issue of Vizís shojo manga anthology. With series from heavy hitters like Yuu Watase and Kaori Yuki, and lesser-known manga-ka like Marimo Ragawa, it looks like a good line-up of titles. Now I just have to decide whether to subscribe or pick it up at the newsstand every month.

(Game) Go Board - I only recently stated reading Hikaru No Go, and now Iím addicted. The manga makes the game look so interesting that Iíd like to get my own Go board so can I meet cute boys- err, play with others.

(Accessory) Anime Posters and Wall Scrolls - I already have quite a few, but Iím moving into a new house and need some more to decorate my room and to block out that pesky sunlight.

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Patrick's Picks:

(Manga) Ayashi no Ceres Vol. 10 - Easily one of my favorite series of all time, the world stops when a new issue of Ceres arrives.

(Manga) Shadow Star Vol. 6 - Beautiful artwork and a very unique story drew me into this series years ago. I still don't really know where the heck it's going. Wherever that may be, I know I'll tag along to be there too.

(Game) Super Monkey Ball Deluxe - The X-Box has plenty of fantastic games, but it's sorely lacking in quirky Japanese games. Leave it to Sega to deliver. The first two are reason enough to buy a Gamecube, but here's both of them, with extra levels, and party games galore. How can you say no to a game that features monkeys rolling around in a ball, questing for the elusive banana?

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Adam's Picks:

(Misc) Bunny Girl Army - Since, Fembots are so yesterday and I need some major security to help protect secret volcano lair, an Army of Bunny Girls would be the perfect alternative. Plus, since I'm paying them, I could even date them (among other things)!

(Clothing) Bukkake T-Shirt - It's sure to drive the Bunny Girl Army wild when I strut into my lair with my fresh new "Bukkake" T-Shirt. Will they like wearing my bukkake...T-Shirt? Only time will tell.

(Accessory) Second Pump It Up Pad - I already have the Korean Pump It Up for PlayStation 2, but I'm going to need to keep my Bunny Girl's in shape. And what better what than with a second dance pad to Korea's resident DDR killer, Pump It Up?!

Only one more page to go! Stay tuned for Janet's Mail Desk coming up next! [Clue: Turn the page.]

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