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Aaron H. Bynum is at present condensing an approach to literary criticism that will hopefully grant the accurate deconstruction and subsequent metaphorical assemblage of continual thought. That is to say, the deconstruction of the finite when multiplied by the ambition that is distinct, will register a philosophy that is infinite; moreover, it is adventure through the annals of Time; to discover the purpose of a purpose, which is the elemental illusion of all you think to exist, and the evidence of a beginning, which is the fundamentally true anarchy of all that exists.


Adam Arnold is still without a "real" job and he kind of likes it that way. He can go to bed at 6:30 in the morning and then wake up around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Heck, he doesn't even have to take a shower until just before midnight! What does Adam do with his time? Why, he spends them in front of his computer typing and coding away. When he isn't doing that, he's reading. He likes to read. He says reading is fun. For all you people that can't read, he says you need to learn to read so you can read Animefringe and understand what he has written here. Yes, Adam is clearly insane.


Nothing beats being told that your group's budget got denied by the higher ups and that they had to layoff 10% of your WHOLE group. Andrew Chanthaphone is very lucky to still have his job and hopes the new one gets approved or he will be looking for a new job. What can make the month better? How about flirting with several females and getting some phone numbers! SWEET! Next month looks promising.


Chris Istel has finally acquired his long-awaited PSP, although that might not turn out to be a good thing if Lumines keeps consuming his life. Ever since he turned it on, it has been hard for him to do anything but play it! All there is to look forward to now is Advent Children, if SquareEnix would ever finish it! And with so many quality anime releases just around the corner, he might have to squeeze in some DVD watching amidst all of the PSP playing. Snowboarding season is over, so he now looks forward to eight months of gaming and anime bliss!


Janet Crocker is having a much better month than February. First of all, she's perfectly healthy. Secondly, she survived US Immigration long enough to obtain a green card. That's worth a shopping trip to Borders at least! Speaking of shopping, it's spring and this little otaku really needs to freshen up her wardrobe, making the switch from college student to a unionized full-fledged member of the workforce. Pssh. Like that's a good thing! Well, maybe. Now I can afford a bigger and better TV! *cue the evil and very mad laughter*


Most people probably know of Frank Miller from his new graphic novel inspired movie Sin City, but Joe Luscik doesn't want people to forget his older and greatest works RoboCop 2 and 3. In RoboCop 3 you have RoboCop, you have Ninja’s, how is that not the greatest movie of all time!!! Move over "here’s looking at you kid," the greatest movie line will always be, "you said your ninja’s would get RoboCop off my back!" Maybe if Sin City is successful we can be lucky and get RoboCop 4, just bring back Peter Weller. He probably isn't busy.


Lesley Smith is ecstatic this month as she has just discovered the Scissor Sisters' album and has learned that Tecmo are releasing another sequel to the Zero/Fatal Frame/Project Zero series in August in Japan! *Pause to inhale and possibly dance around the room* Of her three Most Wanted Japanese Games of 2005 (the others being Okami and Kingdom Hearts 2), only this one has a tentative release date. Woo hoo! In honour of this momentous event Lesley has decided her pic for this month is Rei Kurosawa, the latest heroine. Enjoy!


Maria Lin only has a few more months to go before she's free of highschool forever, and it's off to college. To prepare, she's sleeping till noon, neglecting her homework, angsting over scholarships, and developing an ulcer. She has also taken up the painful task of deciding what's coming with her, and what she'll have to leave behind. For a packrat like her, it's sheer torture.


Mandy Bevers is currently working on homework and various other things that have been neglected for the past month or two because she was too busy rehearsing and being in a play for her Drama class. She hopes to watch more anime and read about a dozen books in the up-coming months. Mandy is also indulging in the life of sweets known as Pocky. Chocolate is her favorite, but she also enjoys munching down strawberry ones. She's a bit tired and restless at the moment, so please forgive her mistakes.


It keeps getting better for Patrick King. In March, he successfully wrapped up his first project at the new job, found a new friend at Kunicon, and finally proposed to Lauren, his long-time girlfriend. Now he just has to hope that she'll let him keep adding to his insanely large anime/manga/video game collection at the same breakneck speed once she has more control over his checkbook.


Having secured admission to university, Shannon Fay has now moved on to another elusive goal; finding a summer job. The perfect summer job would entail being outside when it's sunny and staying inside to read manga when it's not. Though she's having no luck with that, the other options open to her are endless and varied, ranging from ice cream counter worker to movie theater attendant to space monkey. Hey, manga and anime don't pay for themselves.

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