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Wow, that was a lot of content! Glad you stuck with it and made it to the fun stuff because Animefringe's Wanted! is here to scramble your brains. As always, Wanted is a strange little column where our staff rattle off a list of all the killer stuff they're most looking forward to getting in the coming month. As it's an off-the-wall section, most of us can't follow directions really well and instead just write any crazy thing that comes into our heads--like this intro. Enjoy! --Adam Arnold

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Janet's Picks:

(Anime) Stellvia Vol. 4: Foundation IV - If you've been reading Animefringe for the last few months, you already know how addicted I am to this cute series that should be boring, yet it never ceases to be entertaining for me. The third volume had something of a satisfying conclusion, but I want to see what's going to happen next!

(Manga) Amazing Agent Luna Vol. 1 - I've been following this manga online over at Gomanga.com, but I really want to pick up the tree-based version. Gotta support your favorite artists and writers online! It's the rules!

(Manga) Sensual Phrase Vol. 6 - I've only recently started this series, though I've been meaning to pick it up for a long time, since it sounded like a boy/girl version of Gravitation. I'll confess: I enjoy this somewhat smutty series a lot. Every girl needs a secret guilty pleasure manga series. This is mine.

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Lesley's Picks:

(DVD) Inugami - I love horror movies, as you folks will all know by now, but I also have a thing for Japanese culture and religion. This movie combines the two. Inugami literally means 'dog spirit' and they are used as tools for revenge or protection (remember Inuki from X?). Basically this movie tells the story of a young man who falls in love with the beautiful guardian of the Inugami and, of course, nastiness ensures.

(Music) Yoko Ishida - All of Me (Special Edition) - This is Yoko Ishida's second album and first pressings come with a DVD which includes a music video for Open Your Mind - Chiisana Hane Hirogete, the opening to the Ah! My Goddess TV series and a making of featurette. I like her music but a free DVD just makes it even more appealing!
Hmmm... freebies...

And so, I hear you cry, what is my quirky item for this month?

(Quirky item that no one would really buy but just looks damn cool) - Well it's not technically anime related but it is Japanese. It's the Alien Quadrilogy Special Edition Alien Head! This massive and obscenely expensive piece of coffee table sculpture was originally a Japan-only limited edition. However, the Powers That Be at HMV, have released it over here in the UK for the princely sum of £99 (the set with DVDs alone cost around £80 when they were first released, I got mine for £35). Basically, you get the discs and the head is a nice storage case. Wouldn't that make an interesting conversation starter folks?

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Joe's Picks:

(Anime) Requiem from the Darkness Vol. 4 - I'm interested to see how one of the most unique releases in recent time will end.

(Manga) Remote Vol. 5 - This is one of the few mangas I actually always pick up when it comes out and it's been far too long between releases.

(Plush) Bersker Guts plush doll - The toughest character in anime finally gets himself a soft plushy doll.

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Patrick's Picks:

(Xbox Game) Doom 3 - This game might end up being the one that finally convinces me to get another Xbox, just for some two-player co-op demon blasting goodness. And yes, I'll be getting the Collector's Edition.

(Anime DVD) The Twelve Kingdoms Vol. 10 - The last volume in one of the best anime series I've had the pleasure of watching. After I finish watching this one, I'll go on a rampage to get a hold of English translations of the Japanese novels they're based upon. Editors beware.

(Anime DVD) Scrapped Princess Vol. 1 - As with many new shows that I pick up, I really have no clue what this series is about. I assume it tells the tale of a type of car called the Princess. After many years of hard miles, the vehicle is sent to the junkyard, where it is to be destroyed (hence the "Scrapped" part in the title). But there, accompanied by a rousing song and dance, it will band together with a group of misfit appliances (including a brave but delusional little toaster, a spunky curling iron, and a set of sentient jumper cables named Bob and Amy) and take revenge on the former owners that sentenced them to death by trash compaction. Or maybe it's not about that at all. Either way - I preordered it, so it had better be good.

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Chris's Picks:

(Anime DVD) Elfen Lied Vol. 1 - After spending last summer watching primarily harem series, it was very refreshing for me to come across this incredibly violent yet engaging take on the whole Chobits trend. Now I can watch it in full DVD glory!

(Anime DVD) Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU Vol. 1 - I've always enjoyed the original Full Metal Panic! series, but I liked watching the more comedic moments in the show more than the action. FUMOFFU promises to deliver just that.

(PSP Game) Minna no Golf (Everyone's Golf) - Known as Hot Shots Golf here in the States, this series has had me hooked since its start on the original PlayStation. Since Sony's taking its sweet time in releasing it here, I think i'll just import it to get my portable golfing fix. And it will look glorious on my new favorite handheld!

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Andrew's Picks:

(xbox) Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - I've been DROOLING over the release of this game and its finally coming. How can you not like the slick stealth moves and then WACK a SUCKA approach?

(anime dvd) Hajime No Ippo Vol. 5 - YES! how can anyone not like this show? OK so what if you don't like boxing, the character development is great and watching the fight scenes make you jump up and cheer for Ippo. Also, you can't beat the running joke on how "well developed" Ippo's manhood is, that stuff just cracks you up.

This months, weird, what in the world, item That I want is...DIGITS that right. Phone numbers. I want more. The more phone numbers the more potential dates this guy can get
If that doesn't make it then...

(anime dvd) Marine A go go - What not to love about this title? Hentai and is created by Obauri who loves to draw over the top "parts" and it has tons of humor. Count me in on this one. I mean it makes fun of all the shows I dislike: Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and KIKAIDER. The whole plot is simple to collect 100 of men's "samples."

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Shannon's Picks:

(Anime) Perfect Blue- Everyone I know who's seen it likes it, yet I still haven't seen it. I liked Satoshi Kon's other films, so I guess the only reason I've waited so long to see this one is I'm afaird to watch it alone (yes, I'm a wimp). Still, I will overcome my fears, since I want more Satoshi anime-goodness

(Manga) Blame Vol.1- I'm a sucker for dystrophic, post-Armageddon, futuristic sci-fi manga, especially when they’ve got cool artwork like Blame.

(Anime) Princess Tutu vol.2- This is such a great series, even the silly-soudning title can't keep me from gushing about this ballet/magical girl anime.

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Maria's Picks:

I'm so not a greedy person.. this is the hardest thing for me to do every month. >.<

(Diabolical Weapon) A Death Note - Not that I'd ever use it, but knowing that I could kill anyone in 40 seconds simply by writing that person's name down and imagining his face could be a comfort for any wannabe world tyrant.

(Furniture) A new bookshelf - I've resorted to piling my manga onto my desk, and now I have nowhere to write. If I hide everything under my bed the 'rents might get suspicious and start looking for something naughty, and if they find it...

(Manwha) Traveler of the Moon - I admit it, I'm a sucker for cute love stories when it involves manga, or manwha in this case. And that's what this manwha is, cute to the core. Oh Ida, you're a little charmer, even when you're a fuzzy bloodsucker with a triangle nose!

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Adam's Picks:

Everyone knows that I put some crazy stuff in this section and this month shall not break from that tradition. So, here are the things I most want...

(Manga) The X Manga to Conclude - Someone needs to track down those CLAMP ladies and help them brainstorm an ending for this series already. Heck, the U.S. version has just about caught up with the Japanese one and we've seen a music video, a movie and a TV series already! Still, I personally think it'd be cool if X's conclusion ends up causing some massive omniversal rift in the CLAMP universe. We've already seen dimension hoping wackyness in Tsubasa and xxxHolic, so why not more cameo goodness in X. Besides, shonen-ai as good.

(Manga) The Neon Genesis Evangelion Manga to Conclude - Okay, publishing the manga monthly I can understand. What I can't understand is how the artist can take so many bloody breaks from this seris! It's just downright insane! Just think about how many years Eva has been off the air and how many rereleases there have been. It also doesn't help that this series has no end in sight.

(Other) I am hereby declaring myself "Otaking." From this day forth, all convenience stores shall supply candies and drinks from the world over. LEGO shall release sets based on the Pokemon characters. Dub and Sub fans will buy Peeps at discount prices at Wal-Mart. Cats shall openly mate with rabbits. Yaoi fangirls will be glomp-a-rific and the world shall be at peace. My will is law!

While Adam pauses to recharge his PEZ-o-meter, Janet has all the Mail that's fit to print! [Clue: Turn the page.]

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