Sex Ward

by Andrew Chanthaphone

When people talk about hentai, they think of tentacles, demons, and rape. Some hentai shows are violent and disturbing, and then there are some that are fairly normal. Sex Ward is one of those shows that doesn’t have tentacles and all the sex is consensual (sorta). If there is a show that would be a great to watch as your first hentai title, Sex Ward wouldn’t be a bad choice. From Critical Mass comes another good Vanilla series title release.

Welcome to Ishikawa General Hospital, where the nurses take the term "nursing you back to health" one step further. You’re not just given shots or medication for your illness; oh no, you’re given an extra healthy dose of naughty activity as part of your treatment.

Satsuki has always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Her dreams come true when she becomes a nurse, along with Naho, at Ishikawa General Hospital. Their superior, the tall and sexy Yuriko, is there to guide the new nurses and assist them with all the tricks of their trade. Satsuki is a shy individual who wants to make a good impression on her first couple of days at the hospital, but her problem is that she just keeps screwing up.

She receives an eye opener when she is late on her first day and one perverted patient purposely runs into her and gets to meet the twins. The patient has no problems, as he shows her his manhood. How’s that for a first day impression? To her rescue is the handsome Dr. Waka, who saves Satsuki from further harm or embarrassment.

Stasuki is mesmerized by the doctor and develops feelings for him. What she doesn’t know is she isn’t the only nurse who has her eye on the sexy doctor Waka, as her fellow nurse, Naho wants a piece of him too. While these actions are occurring, the head nurse Yuriko is giving some tender love and care to the director. The director happens to talk about the new nurses and she becomes angry and gives him a little "stomp" on Mr. Happy…OUCH! Not the smartest thing to say, but he rebounds quickly. After that nice little scene, we are introduced to another doctor in the facility, Dr. Takebayashi aka Dr. Enema! The name speaks for itself, a doctor who gets off seeing people’s scat (number two for those who don’t know)… EWWW!

Naho, still determined to have Dr. Waka fall in love with her, decides to get the doctor drunk for some easy access. Her plan hits a bit of a snag as the doctor becomes a total sex maniac. He rocks Naho like an old man on Viagra. What Naho and Stasuki don’t know is Dr. Waka has a little problem. Unfortunately, anytime that he (Dr. Waka) drinks alcohol, he turns into a total sexaholic. Hangovers also come with the territory, but in Dr. Waka's case, he loses any memories of the previous night's events like a certain reviewer in his college days. Naho gloats and gleams from the attention that she got on the previous night, and Stasuki feels down because of the news.

Stasuki, while helping Dr. Enema, messes up and gives a patient the wrong medications and he has an allergic reaction that almost kills him. Satsuki, feeling very sorry for her actions, returns to the patient to see his progress. The patient is the same pervert who showed her Johnny on her first day and has a mask that reminds me of Hannibal Lecture. Stasuki, feeling remorse, offers the patient any favor to make up for her mistake. Umm, I wonder what he is going to say as his favor?

While Stasuki is returning the favor, something within her changes as she begins to enjoy the sex. While in the act, Dr. Waka walks in and observes her, shocked by what he sees. Stasuki happens to see Dr. Waka, and in shock, she twists quickly toward the doctor while still in the course of action with the patient and SNAP! Yep, SNAP. My only question is can that really happen? Well, anyway it was still very painful to watch.

During most of my hentai watching, I don’t like to listen to the dub, as it sounds pretty bad. The subtitles are virtually the same as the dub script, which isn’t great. The Japanese voice actors seemed better and were more into the action than the American voice actors. The animation wasn’t bad; nothing too great and nothing that looked like something that a tenth grader could draw. I have seen horrible animation in plenty of cheap hentai shows, but this one was pretty well done. Nothing was too overdone, like oversized breasts in Viper GTS. The only extras included on the DVD were the US trailer, a slideshow with cels that were not included in this cut of the show, and previews of several other Critical Mass titles.

There are plenty of sex scenes and even some comedy mixed in. So far, this is the only show that has ever made me cringe while watching, and I hope I won’t have to watch it again. Man, that scene was just plain wrong. There is one yuri scene, and they definitely use medical supplies to their advantage. I am not a fan of scat, but it wasn’t too crazy, like in Night Shift Nurses, so I lived. If I have one problem with the show, it’s the fact that it ends on a cliff hanger. I would hope they make more of this show, for I want to see what happens and I believe many would also. I hope Critical Mass continues to bring out solid hentai shows from their Vanilla series, as I’m looking forward to watching more. I highly recommend this DVD for new hentai fans and veteran hentai freaks alike.

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  • Sex Ward

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    Bilingual DVD / 60 min.
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    Critical Mass / Shiyuuta Biwajima
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