Samurai Deeper Kyo OST: Capriccio

by Janet Crocker

As you can tell from the length of this CD, most of the tracks are one minute and a half or less. It feels more like listening to an episode of the Samurai Deeper Kyo anime series than an actual arranged compilation.

Heavy on synthesizer and electric guitar, Capriccio contains a sense of angry energy, with a pounding beat and a sense of urgency. However, track ten marks a change, as "Hearts" is a flowing piano and acoustic guitar piece, a place of calm and serenity on a CD full of rage and disorder. These slower, more peaceful songs pop up throughout the OST, at tracks thirteen ("Sad Story"), eighteen ("Smell"), twenty-one ("For those waiting to square off for a fight"), twenty-four ("Thought"), twenty-five ("Determination") and twenty-eight ("Memories"). In a way, this odd mixture reflects the duality of Samurai Deeper Kyo's Kyoshiro and Kyo.

Most of the tracks blend in as simply dark and suspenseful background battle music, lacking any distinctive character of their own. However, some tracks did stand out, such as the spooky "Dark Moon", track four. "Begin", track twenty-two, also stood out for me, as it sounds like an orchestral version of the battle music for the video game Saga Frontier 2. In fact, that reflects what most of this CD sounds like to me: video game music from the late-SNES to mid-Playstation era.

Capriccio does contain the opening and ending songs of the anime, "Blue requiem" (track two) and "LOVE DEEPER" (track twenty-nine). Unfortunately, they are both TV edited versions. Good for purists, but it really doesn't give us anything new. I would have enjoyed hearing the complete songs myself.

I can't see myself playing this in the car, as the tracks seemed to be randomly arranged, containing no theme or climax to the album, only waves of anger, followed by a mellow track. Additionally, there is usually a few seconds space between the tracks, which I personally find annoying while driving (it makes me think that I've broken either the CD or the CD player). I will say that if you like your music loud, electric and blaring out of your speakers at home, then this OST may be for you. Track seven, "Awakening" in particular has the hard industrial rock sound of Rammstein or even KMFDM, made for play aloud and with the volume cranked up to the max. I would recommend Capriccio for fans of both the Samurai Deeper Kyo anime series, and of the manga who would like some music to accompany their reading.

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  • Samurai Deeper Kyo OST: Capriccio

  • Format:
    Audio CD / 45 min. / 30 tracks
  • Production:
    Geneon / King Records / Tomohiro Yamada
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