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Congratulations! You've just made it through thirty-three amazing pages of serious features, editorials, columns, reviews, briefs, shorts and all sorts of other stuff.

Well, guess what? It's time to down another Pan Galactic Gargleblaster so you can throughly enjoy the latest installment of Animefringe's Wanted!--that strange little column where our staff rattle off a list of all the killer stuff they're most looking forward to getting in the coming month. Enjoy, because it's the end of the world as we know it. --Adam Arnold

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Janet's Picks

(Manga) Blue Monday Vol. 4: Painted Moon - I haven't checked back on this fun series in a long time (partly due to a lack of money, but mostly due to an unreliable comic store), and the arrival of a new collected volume just gives me the perfect excuse.

(Manwha) Arcana Vol. 1 - TOKYOPOP just seems to be chugging out the manwha lately! This title has an orphan girl with magical powers and an amulet. Winter is coming, and with it the demon race. Can this girl summon the dragon protector and save her county? I'm such a sucker for old school RPG plots, and the name is the same as the first SNES RPG in America. There's some trivia for you to impress your friends!

(Manwha) Occult Cafť Vol. 2 - I just want to know what Suh Rin's special power is, and get off of this cliffhanger! I'm also interested in seeing if the quality from Infinity Studios has improved or remained the same.

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Lesley's Picks

(Manga) skyhigh by Tsutomu Takahashi - Rewatching the movie and TV series has made me want to get my own copies of the manga. Unfortunately, it's only available in Japanese, but the art alone is worth it. When I win the lottery, I would also want to buy the TV series, but that's not likely to happen anytime soon.

(Music) Blaze by Kinya and Loop by Sakamoto Maaya - These are the opening and ending themes to Tsubasa CHRoNiCLE and I'm already in love with the music. According to NEWTYPE USA, Kinya is a long-time fan of CLAMP, and Sakamoto Maaya has to be one of the most recognised seiyuu ever to come out of Japan.

(Misc) Bento Box - Yep, I've been wondering around jlist again. Recently, I've been eating lots of Japanese food, and I love chicken teriyaki from Shiki in Norwich. l also learnt how to make sushi, so I figured I should get myself a proper bento box, I already have one, but it's HUGE and this is so cute! I also like the fact that you get two bento boxes and matching chopsticks. Therefore, my resolution this month is to cook more Japanese food.

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Shannon's Picks

(Anime) Howlís Moving Castle - Thereís a slim chance that where I live Hayao Miyazakiís new film will be shown in theaters, but I can hope. The trailers just look amazing, and Howlís a lot hotter than I pictured him to be when reading the book.

(Manga) Alichino Vol. 2 - Whatís with the four month wait between volumes? After reading Volume 1 in February, I really enjoyed this vampire manga with delicious art. Waiting until June for Volume 2 is hard, but at least I know itís worth it.

(Everything) World - I want the world. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket, itís my bar of chocolate, give it to me now! Donít care how, I want it now. I want today. I want tomorrow. I want to wear them like braids in my hair and donít want to share them. Donít care how, I want them now.

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Joe's Picks

(Anime) Ninja Scroll TV Box Set - The coolest character in anime gets thirteen episodes to shine in this TV series. Along with the tin box and extras that come with it, this is a good pick up for any action fan.

(Anime) Elfen Lied Vol. 1 - Very, ultra, mega, super, extreme, unbelievable, violence, along with cute girls, comedy, fanservice, romance and one interesting story. This show doesnít fit into a typical genre or sterotype that you know of.

(Anime) Paranoia Agent Vol. 4 - One of the best releases this entire year is coming to an end. Everyone should do themselves a favor and pick up this truly great series.

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Maria's Picks

(Music) Orange Range - I'm starting to ease off my Pillows dependancy and I'm looking for some music to fill out my J-pop tastes. Orange Range is the group that provided the intro for Bleach, so now I'm off to find more of their stuff.

(Manhwa) Kill Me, Kiss Me - There are a ton of volumes out, but somehow I've only noticed it reciently. This series is going to start adding to my bulging manhwa collection while I wait for other manga to finally come out.

(Anime) Hell Teacher Nuubee - Never heard of it? Neither had I until I ended up with a bootleg copy, all in Chinese. After some fact finding, I've learned that this ten year old series was never subbed or licenced, so getting the rest of the series may be impossible, but I can still enjoy the little slice of the past that this series represents.

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Chris's Picks:

(Anime) Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu Vol. 1 - It finally comes out this month, and since I saw the first episode, it has been the top anime DVD of May that I desire! Now if only they didn't charge me $25 for three episodes...

(Convention) E3 - I absolutely must see the PS3 and XBOX 360! And maybe some U.S. PSP internet connectivity! And the next Nintendo handheld! I've never been so excited for an E3, and with so many new consoles being displayed here, I bet this'll be the best yet.

(DVD) Life Aquatic -Sure, about ninety percent of the people who saw it absolutely hated it, but being one of the few who loved it, I naturally must have the DVD. With tons of extras, this may very well turn out to be a good release for the few Life Aquatic fans out there.

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Adam's Picks:

You know, after seeing the final episode of Sealab 2021, I think I might just need to see Life Aquatic.

(TV) Smallville's Season Finale - Seriously, season 4 has to be the worst season of all. It started out awesome and has turned into a post-jump the shark fiasco. I am a diehard Superman fan, but there is only so much a person can take of trying to guess who will be totally out of character, lose their memory, or turn evil this week. All I can do is hope that this season finale will bring this season out of its slump. If not...well, at least I have Lost to fall back on.

(Movie) Star Wars: Episode III - My the force be with George Lucas so that he can finally make a prequel that can live up to the awe and scope of the original trilogy. Yes, some may think that is a long shot, but the third time might just be the charm. I might not be totally hardcore into Star Wars, but I will proudly admit I own the original pre-special edition trilogy on CAV Laserdisc. As long as I can see the new Star Wars movie and then one day watch them all in order, then I think I'll be happy.

(Other) TARDIS - Yes, I want a bloody TARDIS. I was a Dr. Who fan long before I was an anime fan and I will always be a Dr. Who fan (a Whovian). Here's an idea...I'll become The Master and become The Doctor's arch nemesis. Yeah, that'll work! And I'll even steal Rose away from him too...and Ace...and Sarah Jane Smith...and Romana.

For reading this page, you deserve a "no-prize." Please enjoy it and don't feed it after midnight. Trust us, bad things happen. Anyway, you've only got one page left and that's Janet's Mail Desk. Just turn the page and enjoy!

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