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Howl's Moving Castle
Hayao Miyazaki and his team at Studio Ghibli have done it once again! With their latest masterpiece Howl's Moving Castle coming to select theaters June 10, Animefringe has taken an in-depth look at the film and the novel its base on. Along the way we interview Hayao Miyazaki: Master of Japanese Animation's author Helen McCarthy, who gives us considerable insight into the all things Ghibli. It's one wild ride, so better strap in!
Haré’s home in the jungle was a nice, peaceful place to live until a mysterious girl named Guu arrived and threw his laid back world into chaos. From that familiar set-up one of the funniest and strangest comedy series is set in motion. Come explore the jungle of with Animefringe!
Ancient secrets return to the forefront as a group of Parisian youths are confronted with the sins of their fathers, and as one of the most exciting tales of betrayal and revenge is retold in cutting edge fashion. Join Animefringe as we unravel the mystery of Gankutsuou!
Japan is a land where rice reigns supreme. One boy has a dream to change that: to show everyone that they can eat bread. With the help of his friends, he just might be able to! The oven is hot, the ingredients are laid out and it's time for these cooks to show us what they've got! Allez cuisine!!
Mai Tokiha and her brother Takumi thought they were going to a new school to start a new life. But during a fateful boat ride, Mai and her new friends are attacked and they all bare witness to the awesome power of a HiME. Just what is a HIME and how does Mai tie in to all of this? Get ready to find out!
The animated version of the popular yaoi game Suki na mono wa SUKI dakara shouganai tells a sad story of regret, vengeance, and salvation in a comedy-based setting. But just how well can the audience understand the anime without having played the games?
Tezuka Osamu's beloved anime receives a modern make-over. The characters and backgrounds might seem different, but the pure soul of this timeless classic remains. Join Animefringe as we revisit Tezuka's anime classic! Don't forget your jet boats!
no. 2005/06
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  • This month, Patrick offers some tips on how to postpone the popping of the current anime/manga bubble just a little bit longer. A little planning goes a long way!
  • The second section of what is the detailed and critical analysis of the manga series Real Bout High School: while here, one finds the character consciousnesses of the young man of a wolfish nature profiled, and his relationship with fighting/violence.
  • Have you reached a point where you can't wait for anime to be released domestically? Love games but hate waiting? This month's Web Showcase will guide you through the wonderful world of importing.
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