Your production staff this month...


Adam Arnold somehow managed to survive the month of May. He isn't exactly sure how, but he did. Strangely enough, amid all the season finales on TV and the multiple viewings of Star Wars Episode III, Adam somehow managed to avoid watching anime for close to an entire month. Adam did read a lot of comic books and manga, played through WarioWare Twisted and even busted a few new moves in DDR. Well, at least he keeps fit.


Ch-ch-ch-change! Janet Crocker has been undergoing a lot of change recently. First, she's moving to a newer, bigger, better apartment with a fireplace and a connected garage. Then she's expecting a little otaku into the family. Finally, there's a convention next month... Hmmm, manga must be bought, crib acquired and assembled, and Cthulhu plushies galore! Oh, and she saw Revenge of the Sith at midnight, like all true geeks. She's just waiting to capture on film all the cosplaying Leias and Padmes, not to mention the Wookies.


Shannon Fay is glad that summer has finally come; time to catch up on the TV she’s missed! She plans to spend some time with the Firefly box set before the movie premiers, find some re-runs of LOST in order to catch the early episodes she missed, and most of all, get the season four 24 box set. Shannon abstained from watching the past season on TV so that she can watch it all in one sitting when the DVDs come out. She just hopes she can fit it in around job hunting and summer homework. In the words of Jack Bauer, "There’s not enough time, dammit!"


Patrick King was hard at work busting his hump trying to make mega-money so he could buy all the little anime and manga titles that no one else seems to want. After taxes and all those weird things, Patrick had exactly two cents to his name. At least he has his anime to keep him company.


Aaron H. Bynum is finalizing the means of individual, using separately complex notions of societal involvement in order to juxtapose intrinsic and the extrinsic spirits of humanity. He knows the phenomenology of the mind and wonders: if it serves what dimensions philosophers feel it should serve, then being human is far too simple a clarification for the theoretical sciences. Although many surmise Western thought as a convoluted melting pot of indifference, and Eastern thought as a fundamental simplicity, he has taken into consideration the conflict of objective reasoning and subjective necessity with hopes of clearly defining, how complicated the human mind operates.


Andrew Chanthaphone is getting very excited, nervous, and sad as the month ends. His youth lacrosse team is gearing up for the playoffs and there are high expectations. He is also very nervous and excited because he got word that he will be moving to California to work on client site later on this year and this is a big move for him. Sadness is also upon him as he will not be able to coach for his organization again, although he is very excited because he was able to get his hands on some great horror movies from Japan and Thailand. Nothing makes Andrew happier than a great horror.


This month, Susan Hsu has been desperately trying to find jobs in order to support her goal of putting her guinea pig Uma, who is named after a horse but thinks that he is, indeed, a hen, into therapy. In her spare time, she has been either acting as a mosquito live feed in her garden or drooling over the pretty guys in Kyo Kara Maoh! (otherwise known as God(?) Save Our King!). She is definitely looking for Kyo Kara Maoh! goods at the AE convention in August.


This month, Chris Istel has once again returned to his passion: Lumines. Although still not even close to the 999,999 point max yet, he has been consistently beating his high scores... He also saw the awesome yet dialogue-challenged Revenge of the Sith at 12 AM. The rest of the month has been spent trolling gaming forums, laughing at both the PS3 and Xbox 360's designs (although mostly the PS3 -- what a damn refrigerator), and working on the blog and 1up account. Next month may be the time for him to start playing a certain MMORPG...


Thirteen years of suppressing homicidal tendencies have finally paid off for Maria Lin. She's finally graduating, and she will never have to suffer public education again! To celebrate, she's flying halfway across the world to Taiwan, where she'll meet long lost relatives, learn a little of the language, and probably develop a horrible case of diarrhea. After that, she's going off to Hawaii for college. The only problem is that she's had to cut back on the manga intake to prepare for all the expenses.


Joe Luscik is a huge sports fan, and the other day, he was flipping through the TV, trying to find something good on. Joe noticed the NBA playoffs were on, so he checked that out for a while, wondering how Steve Nash can play with that hair. After the playoffs, he tried to find Sports Center, Baseball Tonight, or some other sports show. Then he noticed a feature that Sports Center had on that... There wasn’t a hockey season this year. After about two seconds, Joe realized that he didn’t care, because it was hockey, and he tried to find something about how the Arizona Cardinals mini camp was going.

Ee Pin

There are times when Ee Pin wonders about the meaning of life... and Star Wars. After catching and subsequently hating Revenge of the Sith, he has gone on a rampage to watch the anime with the cutest theme song in the world -- Tsukuyomi Moon Phrase. Can anybody say "Neko Mimi Mode?" Meanwhile, he enjoys his time working in a bookstore, selling books that he never reads, trying to sell books that he likes to read, and preordering the latest Harry Potter book for everybody but himself. Which, according to him and that rebellious, sometimes arrogant nature of his, is a "darn good thing."


This month, Lesley Smith has been riding the wave of E3 news trickling in via the Internet. Not only has she been able to drool over the first trailers for Zero: Shisei no Koe, but also Okami. *dances around the room excitedly* She has also been to see Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith twice and has sat through the original trilogy in one go. However, on the downside, she is tired, becoming a chronic insomniac and attempting to job-hunt on top attending college. Roll on the weekend!

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