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Awright! Summer is here!!

Time to break out those bikinis and speedos, slap on some SPF 50 and head out in the sun to get some sun on that pastey skin of yours!

Anyway, you should know the drill by now. But in case you don't...what we have here is the latest installment of Animefringe's Wanted!--that strange little column where our staff rattle off a list of all the killer stuff they're most looking forward to getting in the coming month and beyond! --Adam Arnold

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Janet's Picks

(Anime) My Beautiful Girl Mari - Of course, since I said in last month's Mail Desk that ADV had shelved this film indefinitely (in my most humble opinion), now it's coming out in the fall on DVD. Still, it sounds interesting.

(Book) The Big Bento Box of Unuseless Japanese Inventions - Who can forget the Solar-Powered Torch and Duster Slippers for Cats, all useful inventions commercially available in Japan? I just love time-saving, yet time-wasting gadgets!

(Manga) Robot Vol. 1 - This is a compilation edited by Range Murata, character designer for Last Exile and Blue Submarine No. 6, where the focus is on manga artists working in full color. Contributors include Yoshitoshi Abe, Ugetsu Hakua, among a host of other famous names. It just looks beautiful!

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Lesley's Picks

(Game and freebies that I want but cannot get) Zero: Shisei no Koe - Ah, I'm in Heaven! Not only does the third Fatal Frame (subtitled The Tormented for US gamers) have a name and a cover, it also has a Japanese release date of July 15th! Why am I mentioning this now, I hear you cry? Well, the wonderful folk at Tecmo are giving away freebies if you pre-order the game! This time it's a DVD on this history of the series, a booklet called ďThe Kurosawa ReportĒ and a gorgeous poster!

What else do I want this month?

(Manga) Tokyo Babylon Vol. 7 - Yes, this is the concluding volume of the dark tale of Subaru Sumeragi, his twin sister Hokuto, and his would-be lover Seishiro Sakurazuka. I love this series, and I am saddened that it's finally coming to an end, but boy, what an ending!

And most importantly:

(Miscellaneous) A Job - This is the one thing I really, really want, but it seems like an elusive thing to find, particularly in the field of journalism.

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Joe's Picks

(Anime) Lupin the 3rd: Farewell to Nostradamus - The string of Lupin the 3rd movies being released this year continues. The series just grows and grows on you and I can't wait to get my hands on more Lupin.

(Anime) Yu Yu Hakusho Vol. 31: Dreams of Power - The thirty-first out of thirty-two volumes is coming out, and it's worth checking out to see the finale of this series. Yu Yu Hakusho is a better version of Dragonball Z in my opinion, and itís worth seeing for pure action fans.

(DVD) Dukes of Hazzard: Complete Third Season - Iím a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan, and being able to see it on DVD whenever I want is such a treat. Just as long as itís not those episodes with the replacement Dukes. Please, no more cousins! Donít insult a Dukes fan intelligence.

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Chris' Picks

(Game) Gunstar Super Heroes - This mobile continuation of Treasure's classic Gunstar Heroes for the GBA is looking to be a great successor... It's time to dust off that GBA and get ready. Oh wait, I sold my GBA for a PSP.

(Manga) Yotsuba! Vol. 1 - After reading much of the scanlations of this fantastic manga from Kiyohiko Azuma, the author of Azumanga Daioh, I have to say that it's about time for an official US release! As one of the most hilarious manga I've ever read, this will probably end up being my number one release of the year.

(Movie) Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children - Now that Square has finally given it a release date, my need for this awesome-looking movie sequel to my favorite game of all time is greater than ever. I'm now off to fervently watch the newest trailer again...

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Maria's Picks

(Bodyware) Lain's Nighties - I'm sick of sleeping in the nude. It's about that time I wrapped myself up in the skin of a bear and got some nice, draft-free shuteye.

(Hardware) PSP - Lately, I've been trying to wean myself off of gaming in favor of more "profitable" pursuits, but I got a chance to play with the PSP that my cousin got for his birthday... and that was that. Ever since then, I've been forming Lumenes strategies in my head and praying for my favorite PS2 games to be converted to PSP format.

(Software) Paint Shop Pro - Yeah, yeah, I know if I can't even draw a well proportioned stick figure, a billion dollar piece of software isn't gonna do me any good, but at least I can feel big when I'm toggling with all the options and making questionable looking chibis with my mouse.

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Shannon's Picks

(Accessory) Monty Pythonís Killer Rabbit Slippers - Bunny slippers are great, but killer bunny slippers are even better.

(Manga) Alice 19th Vol. 5-7 - This is one of my favorite magical girl series, my favorite Yu Watase series, and just one of my favorite favorites in general. So why havenít I bought the rest of this series yet?!

(Manga) Karin Kamichama Vol. 1 - A manga from Koge-Donbo about cute kids who have magic powers. It worked in Pita-Ten, so it should work in Karin Kamichama too.

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Andrew's picks

(Hardware) Playstation 3 - After the announcement of the specs of the Playstation 3, I pitched a tent at the sheer power that it can unleash on the TV screen. I mean, wow, it blows away the PC with the power it can unleash. GIVE ME MY PLAYSTATION 3!

(Hentai) Beat Angel Escalayer - Shocker; I want hentai. This is one that I've been waiting for a while to get. She gets her power when she is "turned on." Hahaha, how great is that?! Can you help me get activated? SURE!

(Manga) Battle Royale Vol. 13 - Only five remain of the program from this great adaptation from the movie and book. More killing, dammit. I want to see more! Uncensored and right in your face. Not for the squeamish or shoujo fan.

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Adam's Picks:

Okay, so the Smallville season finale didn't totally suck. So, at least some dreams do come true. Can't say the same about seeing the English version of Howl's Moving Castle in my area, but at least I can hold out for the DVD.

(Game) In The Groove - Any game by the people that created Stepmania that I can put my DDR pads to further use with has gotta be cool...especially since the U.S. DDR Extreme sucked so bad.

(Other) Sleep...Lots of It - Spending your days freelancing really draing the hell out of you. If I don't get 10 or 12 hours of sleep, I'm a cranky, cranky otaku. Trust me, just let me sleep. All that DDR wears me out.

(Other) Golden Ticket - "I want the world! I want the whole world!I want to lock it all up in my pocket. It's my bar of chocolate Give it to me now!!"

Thank you. Thank you. I'll be in the lounge after the show!

For reading this page, you deserve a "no-prize." Please enjoy it and don't feed it after midnight. Trust us, bad things happen. Anyway, you've only got one page left and that's Janet's Mail Desk. Just turn the page and enjoy!

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