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Koi Kaze
Siblings Koushirou and Nanoka may not have seen each other in years, but when the red string of fate tosses them together under the same soon follows. How will they deal with these strange, newfound feelings they have for one another?! Animefringe takes you inside one of the most controversial anime releases of 2005--Koi Kaze!
Arguably the best release of the summer, Elfen Lied is a disturbing anime unlike any other, mixing conventional genres to make something wholly unique. How does such a show work? Join Animefringe as we enter an atypical world of cute girls and extreme violence!
We've all heard the story before. Average joe meets hottest girl on Earth. Girl's as developed as a newborn kitten. Girl becomes guy's slave. Girl ends up unlocking the secrets of the universe. You know, the usual. Buy hey, it's Chobits for a new generation!
The combination of a twisted love story, infused with rock & roll and an insane angst-ridden cast has made Maki Murakami a goddess amongst boys. The dominating diva of shonen-ai shows how good music, big guns and a little thing called love can take the world by storm. Lighters are on sale in the lobby.
Everything has a price. In the exquisitely drawn manga Alichino, the price that people pay for their desires often ends up being more than what they bargained for. Tsugiri is a young man with the power to change that and restore the balance. Come with Animefringe as we make a deal with Alichino.
The latest remake of the 1970s classic, Casshern follows Tetsuya, a dead solider who finds his afterlife cut short by a twist of fate. Now, Tetsuya must save humanity from his father's scientific miracle and Animefringe is there taking you through the paces!
Once a year, near the swamps of Jersey and Giants Stadium, anime fans come together for the New York Metro Area's one and only convention, AnimeNEXT. Join Joe as he braves the crowds and the throngs of insane otaku to bring you a bird's eye view of the action!
no. 2005/07
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  • There's a quiet revolution brewing in the entertainment industry. Led by motion picture mavericks such as James Cameron and George Lucas, it's possible that within the next five years, we'll be treated to an advancement in visuals as significant as the introduction of color. What does this mean for anime? Find out!
  • The anime club has special significance to anime fandom, in that it offers a chance for fans to interact in what is otherwise a solitary hobby. Shannon muses on the relativity of anime clubs in today’s world.
  • After having the trip of a lifetime, I’m here let everyone in on my experiences from the land of the rising sun.
  • Aaron continues his exploration of character resolution types, using the Real Bout High School manga series. See! Manga can be educational!
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