Your production staff this month...


Adam Arnold has somehow managed to get a lot of writing this month. We're not exactly sure how he manages to be a freelance writer when all he does is sleep or spend his time watching the UK Big Brother and Doctor Who, but hey, who are we to complain?


Janet Crocker has been exploring her anime wallpaper-making skills this month, when not engaging in final unpacking of stuff procedures. As she has never made a wallpaper before, she is having a great, but somewhat frustrating time playing in Photoshop. But hey, isn't life about learning?


It finally happened; Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has been released! Shannon Fay has been waiting her whole life for this. Okay, maybe only a few months past when it was supposed to be released in February, but it still feels like a lifetime. Luckily, it was worth the wait. The author was even kind enough to sign her book and draw her favorite character inside the cover, bringing up it's value from $11.95 to $12,344 (well, maybe only to Shannon). On an unrelated note, Shannon needs a haircut. Again.


Patrick King has begun the long, arduous task of pulling together funds for the Xbox 360 and the games that he's bound to buy on its glorious release day. However, the powers of fate are working against him. Fate, and his nefarious loans from school and his Firebird replacement, a surprisingly spry Pontiac Vibe GT. Oh, and his December wedding to the love of his life. You know -- the really attractive redheaded medical student? Maybe he could add the cost of the 360 to her student loan...


Aaron H. Bynum is conflicted. He is attempting to determine as to whether or not the three functions of objectivity of critical philosophy operate as complete, calculating, and potentially corruptive mass, or rather as three independent and self-sufficient ethics. The first is that of external existence, as objectivity must embrace all that is experience yet be separate from that which is subjective. The second is that of all that is universal and necessary, as distinguished from the sensual particulars. The third is that of the thought-apprehended of the existing thing, so that human cognition is an independent essence, intrinsically.


Andrew Chanthaphone has had a very interesting month. He has begun to open his mouth more toward the opposite sex and has gotten favorable responses. Now his time is tight because of various date commitments and his anime watching schedule has taken a huge plunge. What Andrew needs to do is get a schedule book to keep his dates in check and plan out his time more effectively.


This month, Susan Hsu has experienced severe writer's block. She cannot tell whether the cause was her great difficulty in deciding whether Conrad from Kyo Kara Maoh!) is cuter than Gunter, or the other way around, or perhaps it was the pressure caused by her new supervisor. Now Susan is frustrated, but is trying very hard to adapt to life in general, however she can. She has been frantically applying for several other jobs in order to better utilize her talents, and is hoping against hope that the Ocean Studio will hire her.


Chris Istel, like Ee Pin, found himself in the World of Warcraft this month, although after a while, he gave up on it for lack of time. He has spent the rest of the month leaving his Animefringe work for the last minute, listening to Eri Nobuchika, and reading the wonderful novel Norwegian Wood. Next month, somewhere in between watching a massive slew of big anime releases and writing about them, he will probably put on his wizard's hat (obscure joke reference there) and read the new Harry Potter!


Joe Luscik thinks that something that will truly help out society would be to make the double stuf Oreo the regular stuf, and then make a double-double stuf the new double stuf Oreo. I mean who really wants just one layer of stuf? Not Joe, thatís for sure. At the very least, give him a double stuf, and then when he really wants to go stuf crazy, he can get the "new" double stuf for four layers of stuf. They took "The Big Stuf" away from us a few years back so this is the least they can do. Or so Joe thinks.

Ee Pin

Ee Pin has been pushed into the dark endless pit that is World Of Warcraft... and he likes it. If only for dancing around in circles, like the crazy gnome race he's playing. Other than that, he's been running around watching movies and listening to acapella music. He likes acapella music. He also likes L'arc~en~ciel's new album Awake, and is determined to fight off fangirls to get tickets to their next concert, whenever that may be.


This month, Lesley Smith is on sabbatical, but has decided to write something anyway. Knee-deep in exams, she is happy to have passed her Journalism theory exam and has begun freelancing in earnest. Gorgeous weather, the prospect of midsummer and an unexpected rebate from the taxman has left her feeling perkier than usual, and the release date for Zero: Shisei no Koe looms ever closer. All Lesley has to do now is resist the lure of her PS2 until after exam season, and cease the spontaneous shopping at CDJapan...


Mandy Bevers is counting every penny she has, trying to save enough to buy the new Kumagoro plush. Its cuteness is driving her insane. Itís just so cute, and she loves Gravitation, and she just canít wait to get her hands on this delightful plushie. Mandy is really hung up on Gravitation at the moment, because the last manga volume comes out in July. She's ready to go sit in the corner and cry. There's one thing that will make her happy though... MANDY WANTS HER KUMAGORO PLUSHIE NOW!!!

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