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Honey and Clover
This josei anime will leave you as unsatisfied as a soap opera, eager to see who will win Hagu's heart, and whether Mayama will choose the widow Rika over the beautiful Yamada. This may be one of the best dramatic anime catering to adults to come out of Japan this year.
With more events occurring such as the bombings in London, the blasts that shook Egypt, and China's increasing restlessness with regards to Taiwan and Japan, the time is perfect for a series like Yugo to step in and confront some of the issues of modern politics from the eyes of Yugo, master negotiator.
Over the summer months when it's too hot to go outside, there's nothing better than a simple, low-key anime to cool you off. The Right Stuf's recent release of Piano is a refreshingly entertaining series that should soothe even the worst cases of sunburn. Piano lessons not required.
Female magical dolls dominating the main male character? Say it isn't so! Join Animefringe as we take a journey into the bizarre world of Rozen Maiden--a world filled with magical dolls with attitude! Don't worry, they won't bite...much.
When mankind pushes science to its limit, the whole world pays the price. In near future, the terrorist Enkidu has devastated Earth by unleashing monsters upon the world. Now, two special children face a difficult challenge--save the Earth or let it die!
As Dark Water, the latest American remake of a Japanese horror classic, opens in theatres, Animefringe delves into the history of this latest ghost story turned multi-million dollar movie franchise. Better grab a mop.
For years, Animefringe has reported about cons from the press box, but now, that's all changed! Join Adam Arnold as he details his time as a company exhibitor at North America's largest convention--Comic-Con!
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