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Victorian Romance Emma
Take a humble, but intelligent maid, and an awkward, but kind young man. Insert them into the setting of Victorian England, and you have a recipe for a subtle love story with an amazing attention to detail. Join Animefringe as we enter the world of Victorian Romance Emma!
Life wasn't perfect for Kazuki Makabe, but it was good enough. Too bad for him that aliens had to come and wipe out most of the Earth. Now, his easygoing existance is at an end and he's found himself as the key to his home island's salvation. Ride along with Animefringe as we explore Fafner!
Just another sports anime you say? Well, think again! What is brought to the table is much more than just baseball; it's the love for baseball, and the benefits and sacrifices that comes with the game. Come along and run the bases as Goro Honda attempts to fulfill his dreams to become a pro baseball player!
Ever wondered what would happen if CLAMP wrote horror manga? Well, ponder no more because xxxHOLiC's more than the result you're looking for! A dark mix of gothic manga and comedy, join Animefringe as we take an in-depth look at this fascinating series.
Adventure has been in Gon's blood since he was old enough to crawl. Determined to follow in his father's footsteps, he decides to set off to become a licensed Hunter, but will he survive the exam? More importantly, will he even be able to discover its secret location?
Too often, anime titles are filled with giant robots and big-breasted women. My Neighbors the Yamadas battles these clichés, and it comes out with something wholly unique and amazing. Join Animefringe as we take a look at this Ghibli gem!
As the subculture of yaoi begins to blossom in the US, Be Beautiful brings us a classic manga and anime OVA that focuses on mature love. Can Ranmaru and Kei's relationship survive the pressures of daily life and Kei's half-brother, Kai?
no. 2005/09
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