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Samurai 7
War affects people in very similar ways no matter the era. Battle transforms people into beasts, cowards, heroes, and saints. And the weak need protection from those who would harm them. Take feudal Japan, add a dash of cybernetics, and mingle both with a classic storyline exploring the themes above and you have Samurai 7.
The world of anime was rocked in 2000 when Blood: The Last Vampire introduced a new digital age. Now, five years later, Saya makes her long awaited return to Japanese television. Join Animefringe as we explore this modern take on the vampire hunter mythos.
The animated version of Kiyo Kyuujou's manga tells a story of betrayal, a vampire who hunts down other vampires, bipolar look-alikes, and several mental-breakdowns. Sound familiar? It is, but you've never seen a vampire drama like this!
Junior high school student Yurie woke up one day, and she was suddenly a goddess. Now, she needs to learn what her powers are and how to use them, all while trying to win over a special boy's heart. Look inside to learn about the latest must-see series from the director of Read or Die!
Fed up with a rough economy on the waterlogged planet of Mars, Gram River joins the crew of an infamous pirate ship to see if it will offer him better opportunities than what he'd find by leading a law-abiding life. Join Animefringe as we exlore the martian seas of Mars Daybreak!
The latest project from director Osamu Dezaki takes Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale on the power of friendship and reinvents it into a visual and audio masterpiece for children around the world.
The Infernal Affairs trilogy of movies examines a dangerous underworld in which both police and gangsters must live together. Come with Animefringe and walk the streets of Hong Kong in search of hidden moles and backstabbers.
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