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Feature 1
The Legacy of Final Fantasy VII
Can a game change the world? In 1997, Squaresoft released their latest RPG title for the PlayStation. It was a tale of bravery, of epic struggles and of transcendentalist philosophy, which -- with one death -- would change the face of the video gaming world forever. Now as the Final Fantasy VII franchise returns with Advent Children and the titles in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII project, Animefringe takes a special extended look at the legacy of this legendary and unforgettable RPG.
Osamu Kobayashi brings new life to an anime adaptation of Ai Yazawa's first and, by far, most popular manga work in the US. Take a peak inside the bright and elegant world of gothic lolita fashion design, as a group of high school students seek the road to big-time success and true love.
In 1997, Authur Golden published a novel about the life of a geisha which made the best-seller lists across the planet. Now, in 2005, the movie of this enchanting tale is about to be released. Join Animefringe as we take at the look at the controversy and history behind this portrayal of the Flower and Willow World.
Get your first look at the classic 1986 OVA Outlanders from Central Park Media where you the fan had a say in what was done! Not to mention that it has everyone's favorite combo of action, blood, sword play, nudity and sex-deprived alien women. Rwrrr! It's good to know that some things never go out of style.
Join Animefringe as we take a look behind the scenes of Hello Anime! with Manuel Stagars and Georg Fick, the filmmakers responsible for this two-disc documentary that gets viewers up close and personal with 19 of the creators and industry professionals responsible for bringing our favorite anime and manga to life.
We've managed to steal some time from Kevin Leahy's busy schedule to get him to answer some questions about his effort translating the classic Vampire Hunter D novels into English. As a longtime fan of the series who actually has the ear of Hideyuki Kikuchi himself, he's the perfect man for the job. We'd have asked him more questions, but we were worried that it would delay the arrival of the next book in the series, and we'd like to get our hands on it as soon as possible!
Are you curious to know what that special someone would look like dressed as your favorite anime character? Ever wanted to take it to the next level and use it to spice up the night? If so, then chances are quite good that you'll soon be one lonely person. But there is hope! Join special guest contributor Patrick W. Galbraith and an assortment of relationship experts and professors as we set out to help all the otaku from sending their lovers running for the hills this holiday season!