Your production staff this month...


Adam Arnold has been at this whole webzine gig for a long time, but even though it's the end of an era, Adam's hard at work on his next projects. He's currently editing the Boogiepop novel and hard at work trying to wrap up the first volume of his own original series Aoi House. So don't worry, Adam'll still be deeply rooted in fandom...he'll just be on the other side of the table now. About the only thing Adam is going to really miss are all the cool screeners he's been getting from all those great anime and manga companies out there. Oh well, them's the breaks!


Janet Crocker is probably dead tired by the time you're reading this. Whew! This must be the largest issue of Animefringe ever! She's looking forward to expanding her family later this month, possibly buying Magna Carta for the PS2 (the character designs are just so pretty!) and renting Soul Calibur III, if she will ever have time to devote to video gaming after the arrival of the baby. You're always welcome over at Fading Shadows, Janet's personal and professional website. See you soon, cyberspace cowboys.


Shannon Fay has been putting off writing her bio for this month since that would mean acknowledging that this is the final issue of Animefringe. Shannon will miss Animefringe very, very much, but could probably use the free time to work on her term paper. She has been putting off working on her term paper because that would mean acknowledging that... actually, she has no good reason for not working on her term paper. After the final issue of Animefringe goes online and she finishes her schoolwork, Shannon plans to cheer herself up with a Tony-Leung Chiu-Wai movie marathon and by re-reading Kare Kano.


The past month has been absolutely crazy for Tim Henderson. Within a fortnight of finishing with University forever, he found himself in the mad thrust of final ever Animefringe production. He somehow finished off his own little half-hour anime, wrote more articles than he ever anticipated doing in a month, did more than his share of work in setting up his year groups graduation show, updated his LiveJournal for the first time in ages, and even had leukemia for a day. That is, until a second blood test was taken. Somewhat less dramatically, it seems that the strain of producing so much animation on the equipment that he was restrained to has ripped his back muscles to shreds.


Wow, the final issue. Lesley Smith can't believe itís the end of an era but she does believe in clouds and silver linings. Time has flown since she joined in January and - thanks to Animefringe - Lesley is now an anime reviewer for DVD Times. She also spent this month writing an article on world manga for NEO and working on her blog. Aside from all this she has been engrossed in ARIA The Animation, working on her novels, and updating her website so please come and take a look!


Still dealing with the emotional blow of Animefringe's closure, Patrick King took another hit when he realized he wouldn't be able to buy an Xbox 360 on launch day. He was sad at first, until he discovered the joy that is Mario Kart DS. Until this newly-orphaned web-writer finds a new home, rest assured that'll he'll be content to blast his rivals off the track with expertly aimed green shells.


Being the poor college student she is, Maria Lin has not really seen any new anime in a long while. She has, however, rewatched one of her favorite series, Gungrave, and is steadily making it more impossible to get her growing manga collection home. Every once and a while when listening to J-rock or catching a quick episode between class, Maria finds she can understand what's being said, and suddenly all of her mad studying is very worthwhile indeed. They say that becoming fluent in Japanese is next to impossible, but impossible for some means challenge to others, and with no more articles to write, Maria's ready to take that challenge on.


Mandy Bevers has been deeply saddened by the fact that this is the last issue of Animefringe. She hopes to hear from all of the staff again some day and wants to thank them (and the fans) for allowing her to work her. It has been quite an adventure. She will be continuing her love of anime, manga and everything Japanese. She has had a lot of fun here. She will finish working on her two-ten page papers and other homework just in time for the end of the semester and finals after this. She also hopes that her Harry Potter obseesion goes away soon because it is very exhausting.

Ee Pin

So here it is that ends. And here it is that begins... sorta. Ee Pin is really gonna miss this magazine, and the chance to write for it. However, he knows that all things do come to an end and wishes everybody to have a great and fruitful life ahead after this. In the meantime, he will keep writing inane ramblings, watch too much anime, read too much manga and listen to his ever-spacetaking collection of Jap music and he hopes the readers will too. Just as a gesture you know. To immortalize him forever. That's nice.


Aaron H. Bynum is working to conclude the process by which an individual may solidify their trust in their search for knowledge. Observation and analysis held as Truth, and not as supposition, is the only way for an individual to achieve any qualitative form of growth and progress in knowledge. After all, knowledge and learning arrives through a determinate and decisive consciousness. A man must be able to limit and commit his thought to a study before he is able to master the faculties of the subject matter. Philosophy seeks not merely for the correct, but for approved or verified definitions.


Okay, so far Joe Luscik has talked about Raspberries, Robocop, Dukes of Hazzard, not liking hockey, liking the Arizona Cardinals, Oreo cookies, Jim Brown and the Muppets. There were a lot more pressing issues that Joe needed to tackle, but real quick let me just do it all now. Road House is an awesome movie, anything Steven Segal is worth watching, Sci-Fi originals are all the same just a different killer animal, but somehow still fun, I have a picture of the "key maker" from the matrix moving giving me my car keys and if itís one thing I do know itís that this is going to take a little bit of energon and a whole lot of luck.

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