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Shin Seiki Evangelion: Kotetsu no Girfriend (Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel)
Windows 95
16 MB Ram
Japanese Language
Kanji Subtitles
Hashimoto Ritsuro
Sadamoto Yoshiyuki
Yamashita Ikuto
One Evangelion game that captures the true feel of Eva.
Overall Rating: B+

Animefringe Reviews:
Shin Seiki Evangelion: Kotetsu no Girfriend
By Dai Kou

Main Characters :

Ikari Shinji, *Kirishima Mana, Sohryu Asuka Langely, Kaji Ryouji, Ayanami Rei, *Musashi, *Keita
[* indicates new characters featured only in this game]

Main Supporting Characters :

Katsuragi Misato, Ikari Gendou, Fuyutsuki Kouzou, Suzuhara Touji, Aida Kensuke, PenPen (^.^), Akagi Ritsuko

Authors Note :

Although I do not speak and read japanese fluently, I got the main idea of the game ^.^;; Not to mention, I do not have a japanese-text converter on my computer, so much of the game was played through trial and error.. *wOw*

Storyline / Game Overview :

You play as Ikari Shinji. Mainly an Role Playing Game / Movie, you don't really do much besides decide, move and watch through the eyes and body of Shinji. The game starts out with an Unidentified Robot roaming around Tokyo-3. It's being tracked by the UN. Shinji and Asuka take notice. [This is fairly funny..seeing as how Shinji was only listening to his SDAT and Asuka ran out of the shower completely naked! =X] They run to the balcony to see whats up, seeing the UIRobot. Shinji makes a blunt statement, and Asuka kicks him in the face.. [body parts are shadowed, of course!]. That is when the game really begins. The next morning, the Three Children are investigating a large foot print left from the Robot. They then go about to school, first playing a simple game of rock, paper & scissors to see who will carry all of the bags to school. Shinji loses to both Asuka & Rei. *Sugoi!*. This is where your first RP begins. At school, you meet with several characters - - Kensuke, Touji, Hikari, Asuka and Rei, not to mention your teacher. When you arrive in class, you meet Kirishima Mana. "Ikari-kun, neh?" "..." "Kawaii!"

"..uh.." "Yoroshiku ne, Ikari-kun!". The class begins to tease you, Shinji, about Mana, seeing as her flirtatiousness is already revealed. Later, Mana asks you to be her guide around school, and every moment you are alone with her, Asuka gets in the way, finding something to yell at you about. *-.-* Your second RP takes place at NERV Headquarters, where Mana asks you to let her in with you. You proceed. She waits for you elsewhere, as you are now allowed to roam around NERV. Once you go to the Second Floor, you meet with Mana, and change into your plugsuit.. yes, she sees you naked! *ACK!* There are a series of movies after that - - Synch Ratio Testing, talk with Ryouji, etc. Later throughout the game, Mana asks you to go out.. on a date! Shinji and Mana seem to like eachother, but everyone tells Shinji to be careful, having the caution she could be a spy from another organization that is against NERV. Of course like many 'First Love' romance stories, Shinji refuses to believe anything. You RP once again, and have the choice of 3 different dates / actions to choose from [I have only done 2 of 3!].

Later, Shinji is told that Mana has been held captive by the UN, due to her betrayal.. [not totally sure about this part].. Probably because of the Unidentified Robot Piloting she had previously done, with two partners, Musashi and Keita. A lot of arguing occures, shown in several movie parts, where Gendou lets the UN take Mana away. Shinji, Touji and Kensuke then go and try to save Mana..who is trapped in a cage-like structure. Shinji also offers her a packed lunch to tide her over *kawaii*. Then, the Unidentified Robot appears, taking Mana hostage and once again trampling over Tokyo-3's forest. The Three Children are then told to board their Evangelions, and you go into action to try to intercept the Robot. Rei.. for some odd reason.. does.. absolutely nothing O.o;;;... Asuka gets totally flustered and couldn't care less if Mana was held captive or not! *Meanie!* So, Shinji and EVA-01 try to intercept the Robot. Mana pleeds Shinji to not harm the Robot, for Musashi was the pilot. Unit 01 and the Robot fight for a short while, as then Mana's cage is dropped and broken, as Shinji immediately ejects from his Entry Plug and runs to Mana. Mana, sitting there and coughing glances over to see Shinji, then the other side to see Musashi. Shinji walks closer to Mana, as she gets up and runs to Musashi. Shinji sees what has happened. Apparently, Mana and Musashi were a couple, unknown to Shinji.. He feels left alone and abandoned, again... :(

There then is this HUGE scene where Kaji kind of kidnaps Shinji [actually, giving him more advice], and Misato with Asuka pursue them, trying to give them a good nag. Eventually, they stop to talk and Asuka can't help but nag at Shinji.. as Misato does Ryouji ^,^;;; Both ladies telling the guys 'they told them so' and that they shouldn't be so rebelious. [there are many cracks about Misato & Ryouji acting like a Married Couple! ^.^]. Kaji is practically the only one who cares about Shinji's situation, still telling him that 'there are many fish in the sea'. Hehe.. Shinji agrees, and sits near a small lake to think. [not that he took the advice literally!]. Then a black car drives up, and Mana gets out, escourted by a man in black. She sees Shinji and apologizes for all that happened, but reveals that she did indeed like him, and that she had never met anyone like him. He tells her the same, and says that he'll never forget her. They bid eachother a short goodbye [Ja ne..] and the screen goes black, immediately followed by the song, "Yokan" performed by Takahashi Yoko, the theme singer of Evangelion. Credits roll throughout the whole song [Appx. 5-6 minutes].

Overal Rating :

I feel this game is quite good. The graphics are nice, smooth.. really capturing the feel of the Animé version. The sounds are wonderful as well, although all of the music is featured in MIDI format. There aren't really any 'moving' scenes, though they are somewhat animated. The storyline is nicely written as well. I'd suggest this game for most Evangelion fans only though.

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