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Armitage III OVA

Episode #1: Electro Blood

The Place: Mars, during the terra-forming process. As soon as Detective Ross Sylibus arrived at the spaceport, he got involved in a murder, The victim was Kelly McCanon, the popular singer. Ross discovered something shocking: the fact that the was not a human, but a "Third", a much more advanced robot than the corpse "Seconds" which are currently in common use. Ross must team up with Armitage of the Martian Police Department (MPD) to chase the killer, Rene D'anclaude, who is destroying the "Thirds" one by one.

Episode #2: Flesh and Stone

In the last episode Armitage stopped D'anclaude -- nearly dead in his tracks. Of course, he's the only suspect involved in the multiple deaths of the "Thirds". The new mystery unfolds when, another bullet-riddled Third, Lavina Whatley, is found dead at an industrial power plant. However, Armitage is still missing. "Yet... isn't D'anclaude supposed to be in the police hospital?!"

Another Victim brings new confusion to the MPD, Still echoed by Danclaude's mocking laughter. And now, Armitage's mysterious disappearance places her under immediate suspicion.

Episode #3: Heart Core

After discontinuing the Third serial murders case the MPI) begins investigating the random acts of terrorism by Seconds. Ross, who can't understand this decision, goes to the Shinoura Police Hospital to investigate D'anclaude. Meanwhile, Armitage found data from Asakura which shows a young Asakura and D'anclaude together in a picture. What is the secret hidden between them? The key to solving the mystery is held by D'anclaude who is sleeping at Shinoura.

Episode #4: Bit of Love

Third and original, two D'anclaude's disappear into the flames of Shinola. With this a 'Third', Asakura is the only other individual to know about the secret. With the information from the scientist that "Asakura is in the Dome of the Dannich monster," Armitage and Ross head for the dome. However, Asakura appears before them, but does not seem to recognize Armitage after a memory alteration. Disappointment seems to overcome Armitage. Can it be that it will end with the mysteries hidden within her left unrevealed .... ?

All text from AIC Internet Division:; 2111 (Date Accessed: 11-28-97)


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