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In this month's issue:

Cover Story:
By Alex Brotman

Starbucks hot chocolate with no whipped cream. Online identities weighed against real life identities. These topics are just a few that came up in our interview with Fred Gallagher (Piro), author and artist behind the popular online manga MegaTokyo. In our brief discussion with Fred, we learned about many things, from the humble beginnings of MegaTokyo to Piro's thoughts on the large following the site experiences today. Sit back and enjoy the ride as we guide you through several questions that many MegaTokyo readers wish to know the answers to.

By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

All Ryoko wants is to be normal. Instead, she's being hounded by ninjas who want to fight her, girls who want to give her boxed lunches, and boys who will go to any lengths to watch her every move. Welcome to Daimon High School, a school dedicated to martial arts. Daimon is a school where clubs fight it out for more funding and where every day is a brand new experience.

By Ridwan Khan

Osamu Tezuka is well known as the father of anime and manga. With such classics under his belt as Jungle Emperor Leo (also known as Kimba the White Lion), Mighty Atom (released in America as Astro Boy), and Metropolis (recently made into a movie by RinTaro). Despite his many powerful works, Tezuka considered Phoenix as his "life work." Thus, Viz is releasing the second chapter of Phoenix as Phoenix: A Tale of the Future. What happened in the first chapter you might ask? You'd be suprised...

By Jake Forbes

Have you seen the signs? The omens that the world is on the brink of hurtling into the sun? The rising temperatures, the melting of the ice caps, and the packs of crazed animals jumping in front of cars, and - yes, my friends, it's true - just as the game SEGAGAGA prophesied, SEGA rules the video game market with the best games across the board. It has to mean the end.

Reviewed this month:

Anime / Domestic
By Adam "OMEGA" Arnold

Anime / Import
By Alex Brotman

Manga / Domestic
By Patrick King

Book / Domestic
By Holly Kolodziejczak

Game / Xbox
By Patrick King

Game / Dreamcast
By Ever Cheung

CD / Soundtrack
By Ridwan Khan

CD / Import
By Holly Kolodziejczak

Web Showcase for April 2002:
By Alita

Volume 3, Issue 4
April 2002

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