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Anime Briefs: November 2002
By Ridwan Khan

Finally More Tenchi OVAs

Tenchi-Web has updated with a trailer for the third Tenchi Muyo OAV series. The updated has a trailer for the new series and while the front page shows off the new cast member Noike.

More Love For Keitaro

According to Anime on DVD, Bandai has acquired the rights to the Love Hina Spring Special, while the Winter/Christmas Special (renamed the Love Hina: Christmas Movie) will be released Novemeber 19, the same day as the DVD of Love Hina Vol.6.


According to Newtype magazine, the popular D.N.Angel manga, by Yukiru Sugisaki will see be see life as an anime TV series. Sugisaki is better known in America for the anime Pilot Canidate. Other than the annoucement of plans, few details have been released.

The Video Game Rankings

According to Anime Nation the PS2 is dominating the Japanese market with 82% of the console market. Nintendo's Gamecube holds 14%, while the Xbox only holds 4%. The Gameboy Advance commands an impressive 89% of the market for handhelds, while the Wonderswan makes up the remaining 11%.

Additionally, a recent poll in Japan as listed the 15 most influential consoles series. This list is as follows:
01. Final Fantasy
02. Dragon Quest
03. Biohazard (Resident Evil)
04. Super Mario
05. Phantasy Star Online
06. Shin Megami Tensei (Unreleased in the U.S.)
07. Street Fighter II
08. Sangoku Musou
09. Genso Suikoden
10. Metal Gear
11. Zelda
12. Virtua Fighter
13. Tactics Ogre
14. Xenogears
15. Super Robot Taisen (Unreleased in the U.S.)

Rumiko Does Video Games

According to The Magic Box, Rumiko Takahashi, creator of Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, and Inuyasha will be working on the new PS2 game Kidou Shinsengumi Moeken. Developed by Enterbrain and Red Entertainment (the latter creators of the FMV heavy Sakura Taisen and Gungrave games).

Capcom's Next Big Sellers

Also according to the The Magic Box Capcom has announced two Biohazard (Resident Evil Stateside spinoffs; one will involve online play and the other will be a shooter, like the recent Dino Crisis spin off. Capcom has also annoucned a GBA port of the addictive Super Puzzle Fighter 2 game. Also scheduled for the GBA is Onimashu Tatics, the follow up to the PS2 hit series.

Never The Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy X-2 has been announced at the Tokyo Game Show. The first direct sequel in Final Fantasy history, the game picks up after the orginal Final Fantasy X. Players will take on Yuna, now donning short shorts, a Jecht/Tidus logo blouse, and a pair of guns. Two unnamed female characters will join Yuna on her quest to save Spira again. Additionally Yuna and friends will be able to jump, run, and climb on the field map. There has been no word on whether other characters from the original Final Fantasy will be present or playable nor has there been any confirmation for the rumored "Rikku" version of the the game.

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