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by Ridwan Khan and the rest of the Animefringe Staff

Another month, another bag of mail. Come rain, sleet, or snow, Animefringe is always here to answer your most pressing anime questions. This month, Patrick's berated for his taste in anime (again!), Inu-Yasha comes to an end, and we discuss the finer points of Chinese and Korean coverage. As always, there is no Mail Desk unless you send in your questions. So take ten seconds, fire off an email, and let us answer the question that's been gnawing on your brain for the last month. Feed the beast and see your name in print!

Hey Animefringers,
I hear on various websites that Inuyasha is going to end soon. Whatís the deal? I thought it was popular.
-- FayeFaye

Dear FayeFaye,

Youíre right, the latest reports say that the TV anime series Inuyasha is set to end in September 6th, with episodes 166 and 167. It's not that the show is no longer popular, but the creator, Rumiko Takashi sees fir to end the series. However, thatís not the end for Inuyasha and co; the fourth Inuyasha theatrical movie, Guren no Houraijima is set for a December release. Considering Takahashi has done Ranma, Urusei Yatsura, and Maison Ikkoku, Iím sure weíll see a new series in the vein of Inuyasha from her sooner or later.

- Ridwan

Yo, why donít you guys show more Korean manga and music? K-pop and K-rap rock!

Dear Ilyung,

The Animefringe staff tends to review what we enjoy. And some of us have done a lot of briefs on Korean and Chinese comics. The fact is a lot of us donít know much about Korean music or comics. If you would like to submit something to Animefringe, go for it!

- Ridwan

Konnichiwa, Ridwan-san & Patrick-san,

It seems I need your help once again. Okay I know how mangakas put the words in a comic but what baffles me is how they can put sooo much detail into tiny little backrounds like buildings and cars or even people. Do they draw the square really big then take it to Kinko\'s and shrink it? I cant finish my manga until i know for sure!
Zach Van Buren or Tamitakashi

Dear Zach Van Buren or Tamitakashi,

We took your question to Janet to get her input and her answer was, "yes." Hope that helps!
Okay, sorry. We actually took your question to Adam and he went into slightly more detail. "Japanese Manga-ka use virtually the same supplies and materials that American comic book artist use. They plot out the comic first and then they start penciling ideas onto their preferred brand of art board. From there the process varies to some degree, but some form of inking--be it actual ink or computer generated--is required as the finished inks are what are actually scanned into the computer and layered out. The resizing is solely done on computers now due to the increased flexibly. A good book on this subject would be Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics."

- Ridwan

Dear Patrick,

I was wondering about something! I have heard from another source that volume one was the only one that is going to be made!! That there will not be a volume two and so on. Is that true because I was so looking forward to seeing more of this work. your story line was so funny you had me rolling so please tell me you are making more and that they will be translated and released in the U.S. thank you for your time andI loved your manga by the way!

Dear Kssabina,

I didn't know that I wrote Your and My Secret. I did a review of ADV Manga's English release, but you must be mistaking me for Ai Morinaga. If it were me though, I probably would've called it "our secret" instead.

- Patrick

Dear Animefringe,

You should watch the entire series before bashing it as badly as you did. I happen to be 24, a final fantasy fan and, I enjoyed Unlimited very much. Before you make a crack about simple minds please keep in mind I have graduated with a degree in law and am now pursuing a degree in education. True the animation style is simple, and the story line is not ground breaking, but the feel of final fantasy was evident throughout the series. Much more then the later games in the series. Though it doesn\'t seem to follow the game storyline, it has yet to be announced whether or not any of the games, with the exception of the tragic X-2, were in the same world as any other game. Keep in mind, FF9 involved two worlds that merged. This addition, unlike X-2, the money making scheme of 11, Spirits within, and the pathetic cartoon series that came before this one, was a sound investment and though the ending was a bit lacking, I feel it held true to the Series quite well. In each Final Fantasy, there have been new aspects, the form of summons has always changed, as has the world. This was as strong a sequel as any other.

Dear Enraged Final Fantasy Unlimited Fan,

While the opinions expressed in our editorial articles are solely those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Animefringe or its staff, we do stand by our reviews. Our grade of 68% for Final Fantasy Unlimited Vol. 2 will stand as do the impartial words in the article. Please keep in mind that we also featured Final Fantasy Unlimited in a very positive light back in November 2001.
As always, we are thrilled whenever someone someone takes what we say in our reviews to heart.

- Adam

And there you have it, the end of the issue. See you next month!

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