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Animefringe Top 25 Results 2005!

by Team Animefringe

The Top 25 has become a bit of a tradition for Animefringe. Our readers have come to expect it and we love announcing the results. And yet, it is what goes on behind the scenes that really makes this Internet poll so special. We began the Top 25 at the end of our first year and it was a smash hit, but it did not return the following year for one reason or another. We get asked why 2001 didn't have a Top 25 and the answer is simple: we couldn't have done it justice. We held off a year and in 2003 we brought the Top 25 back in a much more streamlined form and it is that form, the "submit your three favorite sites" one, that has stuck ever since.

You might not realize this, but we count all of our votes by hand AND we log IP addresses to help prevent double voting. Who counts the votes? Adam. The guy is really anal when it comes to the Top 25 and spends hours just going over and over the results. And if you ask him, he will tell you, "It was a really close race." Every time we added a new batch of votes, everything would shift and it was that way right through to the end!

So, without much further ado, may we have a drum roll, please?

*ratta taat taat*

01. Anime News Network
Animefringe Top 25 That's right! Once again, Anime News Network remains your favorite anime website! And why not? Anime News Network is exactly as the title says and oh, so much more! The latest news, press releases, reviews, editorials, columns, features, con reports, an overcrowded and vocal forum, contests, surveys, not to mention, the Encyclopedia, an invaluable resource for otaku everywhere who want to know more about their hobby, or might even just be starting to get into the scene. Every morning, I read the news on the front page with my coffee; Anime News Network is such a staple of my morning routine. Congratulations, Anime News Network and best of luck in all that you do in 2005! We'll be reading!! --Adam and Janet

02. Anime on DVD has become one of the most well known anime sites out there. Anime on DVD has the most extensive list of reviews of anime, manga, and soundtrack titles. Owner Chris Beveridge put forth tremendous effort to have reviews done as each new anime title comes out. The animeondvd forum is where many anime fans speak out, compare, and complain about any anime series out or coming out. What makes Anime on DVD truly unique is the vast amount of input that is given by studio reps and voice actors to the forums. Studio reps also interact with the many forum posters and enjoy announcing new titles or news of upcoming titles. A great place to hang out if you’re new to anime. --Andrew

03. Anime Academy
For the second year in a row, third place goes to the Anime Academy. This site certainly deserves to be at the top of the list as one of the best anime related sites on the net Whether you’re new to anime or an old vet, Anime Academy is definitely a place you can learn something. You can get up to date news, loads of well done reviews, and also just a good general knowledge on all things anime. It also offers a more complex look into things when you’re ready to move up a grade. And finally, it has a guide about how to review anime that everyone should check out because it gives you a sense of how to really look at anime. This site is an absolute must-see and you’re doing yourself a favor by going here. --Joe

04. AnimeNfo
Hanging tough in the number four spot is AnimeNfo. When it comes to fan involvement this is one of the best. Not only is it a great resource for people wanting to know what’s new and what’s good as well as general info about their favorite anime, it also gives people a chance to really interact by writing their own reviews, rating shows in a number of different categories, and also the great “anime match” feature so you can find an anime suited for you. --Joe

AnimeSuki is the main source for many anime fans that use bit torrent to download fan subs. By far the #1 choice when a new fan sub is available. Animesuki is a big database that contains links to various unlicensed anime shows that you can download from other users. What makes them so great is they have all the fan subs from numerous fan sub groups. Also as of December 26th Animesuki celebrated its two-year anniversary. --Andrew

06. AnimeNation
When it comes to online stores that sell all things related to anime, AnimeNation is the place to go. This site has a very large fan base and is very well known for a good reason. Whether you want to buy a DVD, soundtrack, poster, toy, or basically anything else that your favorite show has to offer you can find it here. Animenation’s absolutely huge variety and incredible amount of different things to buy is what has made it such a well known and respected shopping site on the internet among fans. The inclusion of news and a forum make this a must stop for any anime fan. --Joe

This is one of the more remarkable sites on our list because it was created by one dedicated anime fan to provide other fans with screencaps and descriptions of the newest anime series that just came out in Japan. If you want to know what the newest shows airing in Japan right now, jascii will provide you with a description and pictures so you will know what you can look forward to. For everyone interested in new anime this site is excellent. --Joe

While some more uptight members of the anime fan community will renounce hentai as the horrible underbelly of their hobby, says @#$% that. Nothing more than a group of image boards that grow with user contributions, 4chan is a place where the older, more 'mature' fans of anime can gather and enjoy their particular form of fandom. Sure, people post perfectly PG material some of the time, but with catagories like Yaoi, Lolicon, and Guns, this isn't a site you want to be sending your kid sister anywhere near. --Maria

For the 2nd year in a row has placed in the top 10 and rightfully so when you take a look at this website. This site is devoted to giving you an extremely large amount of info on a few hand picked favorites. It’s not just kids stuff as you scroll down and can find out about shows like Escaflowne, Fushigi Yuugi, and Gravitation. They also take pride in their site being Hentai free so you can have your kids checking out information on Yu-Gi-Oh! and not have to worry about what else they might be seeing. --Joe

10. The Right Stuf The Right Stuf is one of the biggest online retailers known to anime fans. They have numerous anime, toys and manga available for purchase. Based out of Iowa, The Right Stuf, led by Shawne Kleckner and known to many as the Dark Lord, delivers anime at very competitive prices. There are also great weekly sales and various studio sales. Various titles such as Gravitation and Critical Mass highlight their shonen-ai and adult line. The Right Stuf has become the leader for all your anime needs. They are also known as the otaku wallet drainer. --Andrew

11. Anime Planet
As well as reviews on a very good variety of anime, on Anime Planet you can browse the extensive anime recommendation database which is constantly being updated. Here you can click on one of your favorite animes and you’ll get a list of other animes that you’re likely to enjoy. It has been one of the most enjoyable features I’ve found on an anime website. To top it all off, this website has one of the most fun interactive features where you can pick your own personal background theme for the website. --Joe

12. Eva Monkey
Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most famous animes of all time. It’s beloved by many and also disliked by a few, but one thing everybody agrees on is that it’s really hard to understand. Whichever group you fall into, odds are you’ll need some help figuring it out and evamonkey is the place to go. This is a comprehensive site that will provide you with a number of different takes and theories behind the show as well as a load of information on the all time classic Neon Genesis Evangelion. --Joe

13. Anime Web Turnpike
Just like an actual turnpike, Anime Turnpike is one of the original sites available to lead anime fans to what they want. From personal fan pages to multimedia, Anime Turnpike has it. If you are ever lost or need information about your favorite anime or manga, check out this site and it will direct you to the destination you want. --Andrew

14. CAA: Christian Anime Alliance
This website offers something different for parents who have children that love anime. You’ll get very good detailed reviews, but with the reviews you also get a review on some of the content that may not be appropriate for younger viewers (violence, language, sexual content, nudity, and religion) and they also give the age rating so someone too young is not watching. If you’re someone who’s concerned about the content of anime, you can do yourself a favor and check out CAA. --Joe

15. Baka-Updates
Baka-Updates is one of "the" places to find the latest new fansubs, with some torrent links available for new releases. The site also contains a list of new releases, group websites and IRC channels, some anime reviews, wallpapers, and a list of what group is working on which series. --Janet

Wondering when that next anime convention in your area will be? Are you and your friends looking for information on good hotel rates for said cons? Never fear, is here! They not only cover gatherings in the United States but all over the world, too. Listings on locations, dates, events, and guests keep otakus and cosplayers well informed. is the much needed link in any convention traveler's favorites! --Staci

17. NarutoFan
Naruto has quickly become one of the most popular animes in America as well as Japan and when people here state-side want to find out about the latest in anything Naruto they turn to They provide fans with ways to get the latest episodes and manga volumes as well as detailed info on the TV show. This website is the definitive resource for this extremely popular show. --Joe

18. AniDB
AniDB is an excellent resource for the fansubbing community. The site revolves around large database cataloging the anime files floating around the web, and expands to include separate lists for members, series information, votes for individual files, and almost instantaneous updates when a new episode or sub has been released. Casual users will enjoy the ability to accurately catalogue their fansub collection, and those interested in going more in depth will find plenty to do with anime recommendations, reviews, and an up-to-date feature that informs you when an anime you have gotten previously comes out with a new episode. --Maria

This is THE site for watching, hosting, and discussing anime music videos. With over 250,000 members and over 45,000 AMVs this site is loaded for anyone who enjoys watching or making AMVs. You can find guides to making AMVs and what you will need to get started as well as a message board with people eager to talk about anything anime. If you’re serious and compete in contests or are just a beginner, is the first place you should go. --Joe

20. Anime Secrets
Anime secrets is a very simple anime site full of reviews of both titles and games. What makes them different is that they do it in a nice James Bond type atmosphere. Their staff, called “operatives”, tackle numerous anime titles and gives their review on them. Very nice site for those who enjoy an espionage feel. I want my anime shaken not stirred. --Andrew

21. Ranma ½ Perfect Edition
This site is a comprehensive resource for any fan of Ranma 1/2. It also gives a good introduction to the story for people who have never read or seen any of it. It touches on everything from characters to the music, and also has related links, a impressive image gallery and a Q&A. If you've been interested in Ramna 1/2, but haven't known where to start, this is the place. --Megan

22. MegaTokyo
One of the most-read and recognized online mangas, MegaTokyo has gathered a large cult following. Started in 2000 by artist and author Fred Gallagher, it has been published -- and sold in bookstores -- in two editions with a third volume on the way. With easy to relate to characters, a quirky storyline, and excellent artwork, MegaTokyo has captivated the hearts of adoring fanboys and fangirls who religiously log-on for more manga-goodness. --Staci

23. has been providing fans with the latest and most up to date information on anything Studio Ghibli since 1995. The website is held in such high regard that Anime News Network links you to this site when you look up Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind (keep in mind this is a fan site). With comprehensive guides to all of Hayao Miyazaki works any fan of his or anyone who wants to know more about him should do themselves a favor and check out this site. --Joe

24. THEM Anime Reviews
A great low-frills and old anime review site. Reviews run from light to dark anime titles, and the site contains a separate adult section. T.H.E.M. Anime is a frequent stop for me to get honest and to-the-point opinions. --Janet

25. The Anime Angels Network
Anime Angels is a nice site of Christians that are devoted anime fans. Their main purpose is to spread the word of God throughout anime. Anime Angels has collections of various Christian mangas by various artists all over the US. They have put together a MANGAzine full of them for a small cost per issue of $10-15 dollars. --Andrew

In a slight break from tradition, Animefringe has decided not to end the list at number twenty-five. No, this being Animefringe's 5th Anniversary, we have decided to give you the next sites that YOU voted for!

26. ListerX (
27. Anime Jump (
28. Tenchi in Tokyo (
29. The Anime Review (

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